Ranch on Pizza: How to Utilize This Controversial Pairing

“Have any ranch?”

This simple question often evokes extreme feelings when eating pizza (especially in New York).

Some people find the combination of ranch sauce and pizza to be blasphemous (heads up, you’ll probably want to hit the back button). Others adore it. Then there are the middle-ground folks who use ranch as a dipping sauce for the crust.

And that’s fine. People can have their personal preferences.

There is no doubt the debate will rage on, and this controversial topic will never resolve. But let’s get past the ranch on pizza debate.

In this article, we’ll dive into various ways in which ranch can be incorporated into the pizza-eating process (we’re not only talking dipping) — and highlight some ranch dressings you may want to try on your pizza.

Typical (and Unique) Ranch + Pizza Combinations

Why ranch and pizza? Because many people love ranch and its creamy, tangy flavor, and it’s not surprising, people have combined two things they love.

But it isn’t as simple as drizzling some ranch on a slice of pepperoni pizza. There are many other ways ranch and pizza are combined.

Compliment your pizza with ranch dressing.

Let’s start with what everyone thinks of — using ranch as a condiment for pizza.

You have people that:

  • Drizzle ranch on top of the whole slice.
  • Adore dipping pizza into the ranch.
  • Utilize ranch dressing as a dip for their pizza crust.

Other than having a specific ranch dressing preference, this is pretty straightforward. You drizzle or dip it, and it tastes great. Many people especially love ranch when eating a buffalo chicken pizza, but it can be used with any toppings, from veggies to mozzarella cheese.

Here’s a recipe from Ooni if you want to try a fresher variation.

Chicken bacon ranch pizza.

Ranch + Chicken + Bacon + Ranch = Delicious?

Many pizza lovers can’t get enough of this unique topping combination. This pizza is available at many major chains like Papa John’s and local establishments.

You can’t go wrong with bacon (assuming you aren’t vegetarian).

Here’s a homemade recipe you might enjoy.

Ranch seasoning for the crust.

Want to add a hint of ranch flavor to your pizza without overwhelming the other toppings?

You can go the easy route and sprinkle some ranch seasoning on the crust.

Or, if you want to take it to the next level, combine a packet of ranch dressing seasoning with melted butter. There’s a little prep time, but it is worth it. Once mixed, brush the butter over the pizza’s crust for a delicious buttery ranch taste. Try this on homemade, delivered, or even frozen pizza. Also, if you want to get crazy, try mixing the ranch seasoning with some parmesan cheese.

Lastly, if you go the homemade route, you can make a ranch pizza dough. Simply include ranch seasoning as part of the recipe process. Here’s a great recipe if this gets your tastebuds excited.

10 Best Ranch Dressings For Pizza

Need help determining which ranch to get? I get it, it can be a tough decision. There are so many ranch dressings on the market. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best ranch dressings for pizza, including both store-bought options and homemade recipes.

Homemade Ranch

Homemade ranch dressing is delicious because you can customize it to your taste preferences. By making homemade ranch dressing, you can control the ingredients and proportions of each component, ensuring that you get the perfect flavor and consistency. Also, making your own ranch dressing allows you to avoid preservatives and artificial ingredients commonly found in store-bought dressings.

Below are some recipes you may want to try:

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing is a classic ranch dressing known for its tangy, creamy flavor.

Marie’s Ranch Dressing

Marie’s Ranch Dressing is a popular choice for people who are unapologetically picky about their ranch.

Kraft Ranch Dressing

Kraft Ranch Dressing is a budget-friendly option that offers a classic ranch flavor.

Sir Kensingtons Ranch Dressing

Sir Kensingtons Ranch Dressing is a high-quality ranch dressing made with all-natural ingredients.

Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing

Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing is a paleo-friendly option that uses avocado oil and cage-free eggs for a rich, creamy flavor.

Tessemae’s Ranch Dressing

Tessemae’s Ranch Dressing is made with all-natural ingredients and has a bold, tangy flavor.

The New Primal Ranch Dressing

The New Primal Ranch Dressing is a dairy-free option that uses avocado oil and coconut cream for a creamy texture.

Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing

Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing is a mix of yogurt and buttermilk for a lighter, healthier ranch option.

Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing

Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing is a tasty, all-natural option with simple ingredients like vinegar, garlic, and onion. Also, 100% of the profits go to charity.


To ranch or not to ranch? That is the question.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you want to enjoy some ranch on your pizza, go for it.