How Much To Tip For Pizza Delivery (Determine Driver Tip Percentage, Total Cost and Easily Split The Bill With Our Calculator)

You need to figure out how much to tip for pizza delivery ASAP.

Luckily, we take the anxiety out of pizza delivery tipping with our easy-to-use cost calculator and guide.

Use Our Pizza Tip Calculator

The tip calculator below will help you determine exactly how much to tip the pizza delivery person by selecting a tip percentage and lets you split the bill:

Pizza Delivery Tip Guide for 2019

Here’s all of our pizza tipping knowledge, from recommendations and factors to consider to why you should always give your driver a decent tip.

Below is the recommended tip for the pizza delivery driver:

  • 15% is the recommended tip percentage.
  • 10% or below for mediocre service.
  • 20%+ for amazing service.
  • $100+ orders: at least 10%.
  • Under $20 small orders: $3 minimum.

Common tipping etiquette for small and large orders is 15% for normal service with $3 minimum; 15%-20%+ for great service (or if you’re feeling generous); below 10% for poor service.

If a delivery charge is included, be sure to ask if it goes directly to the driver. If it doesn’t, you should tip.

Note: Unless your pizza does not show up, you should not stiff the driver. They work very hard to bring the pizza right to your door, as quickly (and as hot) as they can, and should at least receive 10%.

Things To Take Into Consideration When Tipping The Pizza Delivery Driver

Tipping pizza delivery people is not a one-size-fits-all-model. While we’ve provided general tipping etiquette and gratuity based on service, there are other factors to consider, including the weather, distance, holidays and more.

Here are four variables to take into account when tipping the pizza delivery guy.

1. The weather.

It’s a stormy Friday night and you have no food in the fridge. Do you want to make the pilgrimage to the grocery store in bad weather? No. You want pizza.

Food delivery drivers are unsung heros when Mother Nature strikes, so be sure to bump that tip up to 20% for normal service and thank them for inclement weather.

2. Distance traveled.

Dominos is right next door but your favorite local pizza place is three miles away, just at the edge of your delivery range. It’s your favorite pizza in the world. You’ve ordered pizza from them before and though they’re further away, they’re always on time.

Hook that pizza guy up with 20% for normal service; he’s making the hike for you.

3. Holidays and sporting events.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and you can’t imagine your indoor tailgate party without some cheesy garlic bread and two large pizzas. We get it, but your order is one of several food deliveries on the road.

Your delivery person is doing his or her best to get you the snacks, even with 14 other pizza orders along the route, so give them a little extra for their efficiency.

Let’s go 20%+ for normal service the driver deserves more than the minimum tip.

4. When you ordered close to closing time.

You called 10 minutes before the kitchen closes and that’s okay, they’ll still hook you up., but what about the driver? He or she is going to wait for your pizza order to cook, and then bring it to your house, which is 10 miles in the opposite direction of where the driver lives.

Give them 20% minimum for their delivery service.

5. Kitchen vs. driver circumstances.

Remember that it’s not your driver’s fault if the pizza order has the wrong toppings, is not gluten-free or you don’t get your dressing on the side. The driver is just the wheels. If your pizza is ruined in the box, goes to your neighbor’s house, or is very late, then it’s the delivery person’s responsibility and you may dock from the tip. Otherwise, tip the driver as normal and issue a complaint with the restaurant instead.

Why Tipping A Pizza Delivery Drivers Matters

Pizza delivery drivers work really hard for their tips. It’s what they live off of, seriously. With most making minimum hourly wage and having to deal with their own expenses, it’s crucial you tip them what they deserve. These are the three most important reasons why you should tip your pizza delivery driver.

1. Pizza delivery drivers usually do not get a good base pay.

Most drivers make minimum hourly wage because pizza restaurants expect, as tipped employees, they’ll get just that… tips. In many states, minimum wage under $8 per hour. Can you imagine living on that income alone, with the understanding that delivery drivers only work during meal times? If every delivery tipped at least 15%, their pay would increase to $11 per hour or more.

2. Pizza delivery drivers have lots of expenses like gas and insurance

A pizza delivery driver typically uses their own car, meaning things like car payments, car insurance, gas, and other car-related expenses come out of their pocket. That’s a lot of dough.

3. Drivers cannot enjoy holidays and sporting events.

During prime mealtimes, holidays and specific events, traffic can be absolute madness. Example: it’s Thanksgiving, and you want pizza. You don’t care about cooking and certainly not about turkey. You’re in luck, because there is a pizza delivery person who is enlisted to work that day. She will not spend time with her family and instead bring you pizza. She’ll sit at every stop light and try to forget how stressful holiday traffic just to make you happy. Reward that commitment.

Common Pizza Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions people have when deciding what to tip a pizza delivery driver.

1. Should I tip the driver if there is a delivery charge?

Yes. First, call the restaurant and see if this delivery charge goes directly to the driver. If it does, make sure this charge equals 15% of your order and is over $3. If it does not, tip as directed.

2. Should I tip less if the driver is late?

Yes. How late are we talking? If the driver is more than 15 minutes late, call the restaurant for an updated arrival time. Oftentimes, it’s the restaurant’s fault because orders are backed up, not the driver, so do not reduce the tip unless you are sure the driver is the problem. If the driver is already out on deliveries and your order is more than 30 minutes late, you may reduce the tip to 10%.

3. Should I tip less if the order is incorrect?

No. Call the restaurant and have them either send the correct order or issue a refund. While you’d like to think the driver double-checks the order before leaving, restaurant’s typically have expeditors prepare the bags and just hand them off to the drivers for efficiency’s sake, so the driver should not be penalized.

4. How much should I tip for large catering orders?

At least 10% for large catering orders.

5. Why are delivery fees so expensive?

Delivery fees are issued to offset hourly wages and expenses related to the delivery. They may seem expensive, but it’s to ensure that tipped employees are making a livable income and the business is not losing money by accepting deliveries. There’s always a take-out option to avoid these costs.

6. How do I tip pizza delivery driver with a credit card?

The pizza delivery driver will bring a receipt for you to sign if paying by credit card. This receipt will include a tip line as you see at normal restaurants. Add tip, calculate the total, and sign the receipt. Please note that to pay by credit card, you typically need to call and provide your credit card number or pay online. In some cases, the driver may be able to swipe your card using a card reader, but this is not common.

7. Do I still need to tip the delivery driver If I ordered online?

Yes. Online ordering is merely an added convenience; the delivery driver is still performing his or her duty. If you paid online by credit card, the delivery driver will share a receipt with you to sign which includes a tip line. If paying with cash, you will tip in cash.

8. How much should I tip on delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, etc.?

Tipping etiquette remains the same across all delivery apps. For normal service, 15% with a $3 minimum; great service, 20%; poor service, 10%.

9. Should I tip differently if I get pizza from a chain restaurant?

No. All tipping is created equal, even if ordered from a national chains like Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.


Hook up the pizza delivery person with a nice tip and get some good pizza karma.

Until then, stay cheesy.