Popular Frozen Pizza Brands (Updated for 2019)

Frozen pizza is known for being affordable and delicious. But to me, it’s more than that. There is a special place in my heart for this frozen treat.

For me, frozen pizza is nostalgic. It brings back sentimental memories. I fondly remember sharing a DiGiorno with friends after a long night of partying or eating Ellios for lunch with my family as a child.

Regardless of how nostalgic frozen pizza makes you feel, it is also incredibly popular.

So popular, that 198.03 million Americans ate frozen pizzas in 2018, based on U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS).

To put it plainly, Americans love their frozen pizza.

But what frozen pizza brands do US consumers like most?

Popular Frozen Pizza Brands

According to 2018 US sales data, the top 5 favorite frozen pizza brands are DiGiorno, Red Baron, Totino’s Party Pizza, Jack’s, and Tombstone. DiGiorno is the most popular brand with $231.79 million sales, followed by Red Baron at $130.53 million sales.

1. Digiorno.

Digiorno is one of the most well known frozen pizzas on the market. They first started selling an oven-ready, rising crust pizza in 1995 and have released many different types of frozen pizza options for customers.

In 2018, Digiorno was the top selling frozen pizza brand with nearly 232 million U.S. dollars in sales. It is so popular that 8.84 million Americans consumed 5 Digornio pizzas in the last 30 days based on.

2. Red Baron.

Red Baron is a popular frozen pizza brand that first launched in the 1970’s. They offer an assortment of pizza types such as classic, deep dish, french bread and more.

3. Totino’s Party Pizza.

Totino’s is best known for their pizza rolls but that does not mean the Totino’s Party Pizza is not in the top 3 for most frozen pizza sales in 2018. The Party Pizza come in a variety of delicious toppings like cheese, pepperoni, supreme and more.

4. Jack’s.

Jack’s frozen pizza started inn 1960, in the small town of Little Chute, Wisconsin. The man who started the company, Jack, had his pizza kitchen in the family garage and delivered the pizzas using the family car, a 1949 Plymouth with one bucket seat. Today Jack’s is one of the most popular frozen pizzas on the market with a wide variety of toppings to choose from.

5. Tombstone.

Tombstone started in Medford, Wisconsin, by Pep Simek, Ron Simek, and two other individuals in 1962. The name came from The Tombstone Tap, a bar owned by the Simeks. Today Tombstone is one of the most well known frozen pizza brands in the United states.


America loves frozen pizza. There is a plethora of brands to choose from. We advise trying the most popular brands listed, but also trying the more unique versions. As mentioned in the data above, private label frozen pizza accounted for $131.01 million sales in 2018. There are a lot of delicious (and hidden) gems to try.

For now, consider exploring the frozen pizza below and find what your taste buds consider the best frozen pizza!


Frozen Pizza Brand Sales in million U.S. dollars (2018)
Di Giorno 231.79
Private Label 131.01
Red Baron 130.53
Totino’s Party Pizza 83
Jack’s 55.54
Tombstone 55.18
Freschetta 34.6
California Pizza Kitchen 33.81
Tony’s 23.1
Di Giorno Pizzeria 21.2