The Ultimate Pizza Costume Guide: Inspiration, Where To Buy + DIY Resources

The beauty of Halloween is that it evolves throughout the different stages of a person’s life. Young adults, parents and children have fun while celebrating in different ways.

Some people love the candy. Others love the costumes. Some love seeing the joy on their kid’s face while trick or treating. Some people love getting drunk and going to a party.

My favorite part about Halloween is dressing up. It is a fun way to express yourself.

I get particularly nostalgic about my Halloween costume in 2011. I dressed up as a slice of pizza.

My pizza slice costume was a last minute endeavor. After researching online and a trip to the craft store, my mom was kind enough to help me create the costume.

pizza costume

That evening, my friends and I went to a Halloween party. My costume was a huge hit that received many compliments.

Are you considering dressing up in a pizza-themed costume this Halloween? I encourage it.

Our resource is designed to get you inspired and help you create (or find) the perfect pizza costume (for yourself, a significant other, a child or a pet).

Pizza Costume Inspiration

Need inspiration for your pizza costume? We’ve got you covered!

Below are examples of pizza costumes for women, men, children and pets.

Men/Women Pizza Costumes

Adults of all ages can enjoy looking like their favorite food on Halloween. Stores around the country sell pizza costumes for adults. What’s your favorite topping? What’s your favorite type of pizza — deep dish, thin crust, or something else? No matter what your preference is, you’re likely to find a costume that fits your style either online or in a store.

If for any reason you can’t find your perfect costume in a store, consider spending some time crafting it by hand. This is a great opportunity to show your creative side.


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A post shared by Olivia Mears (@avantgeek) on

Professional cosplayer Olivia Mears took to her sewing machine to create a full pizza costume. With intricate details like mushrooms, olives, and the essential pepperoni slices, this costume is certain to “wow” an audience.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the professionalism of Olivia’s costume, have no worries. Even novices can create their own pizza costume from scratch.


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A post shared by Amanda (@itsjustyu) on

Here, Amanda must have paid a visit to a craft store to source the items for her costume. She even found a fun pizza hat to top it off. No matter what your skill level is, you can still create a pizza costume for Halloween!

If you don’t have enough time on your hands, you can always hop back online to buy a costume. Services like Amazon Prime can get packages delivered to you overnight, so even the worst procrastinators can get their pizza costume in time for the holidays.


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A post shared by A L Y S S A T A T E S U R E (@alyssatatesure) on

Alyssa paired her store-bought outfit with cute black heels and leggings. This is a quick on-the-go costume for when you’re feeling fancy but still want to honor your favorite food.

You can also team up with other friends to match pizza costumes. Double the pizza is double the fun! Consider asking your friends if they’d be interested in doing a group pizza costume for Halloween this year.


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A post shared by TJ & Adrienne 👫 AppsTapsCorks (@appstapscorks) on

While these two didn’t dress up for Halloween specifically, they showcased their pizza costumes during Pizzadelphia Fest. This goes to show that pizza costumes can be worn year-round, for any pizza-celebrating occasion.

Couples Pizza Costumes

Some people have two loves in life: Pizza, and their significant other.

We’ve seen the classic couples costumes:

  • Cupid and an arrow,
  • Tarzan and Jane,
  • King and Queen,
  • Etc.

But what is more romantic than pairing up with your boo and dressing up like your favorite food? By wearing pizza costume matched with your loved one, you’ll truly be the cheesiest couple on Halloween.

Below are some awesome examples of couples dressed up as pizza.


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A post shared by Lisa Schuster (@schusterstyle) on

This couple did a fun spin on a paired costume by having one of them be the pizza, and the other one being the “pizza man”. Consider this costume delivered.


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A post shared by Alli Taylor (@alli.taylor) on

This pair did a similar costume, but brought in a key ingredient: actual pizza. Needless to say, I want an invite to the party they’re going to.

Baby and Toddler Pizza Costumes

Parents all around the country have a hard decision to make when it comes to Halloween: what should they dress their child up as? Sure, you could go with a simple ghost, vampire, or candy corn — but why be simple when you could steal the show with a child’s pizza costume?

We scoured the internet and found the cutest children pizza costumes out there. Enjoy!


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A post shared by Inessa Shak (@inessa_shak) on

This proud mom joined in on the fun with a pizza t-shirt. Her kid looks so cute as a pizza slice, and her caption game is amazing.

Children Pizza Costumes

No one enjoys Halloween more than children. It’s a magical time filled with family, spookiness, candy, and — of course — plenty of opportunities to eat pizza.

As kids grow up, they’ll get the chance to pick out their own type of costume. Pizza is a food enjoyed by all ages, so we aren’t surprised that there are plenty of examples of kids dressed as pizza.


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A post shared by Kelly Parker (@happymumtohealthymum) on

Judging by the excited look on his face, this kid definitely picked out his own costume this year.


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A post shared by The Outback Mama (@theoutbackmama) on

Families can join in on the fun, too. Here, the parents are the chefs, and their children are two little slices. What a great photo opp!

Here, mom crocheted his pizza costume by hand. What a fun way to support your kids and build family time. This costume will probably be passed down as a family heirloom for years to come.

Dog Pizza Costumes

While it may not be suitable for dogs to eat pizza, some pets have been known to sneak a bite or two.

These pet parents showed their love for pizza by dressing up fido. We’ll never quite know whether or not these dogs liked their costume, but it was definitely a good photo opportunity anyways.


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A post shared by emily giove (@emilygiove) on

This cute and fluffy pup seems to be enjoying her new outfit.


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A post shared by Cutest Puppies! (@allstarpups) on

This dog’s owner went all out with the costume. One question, though: How did they get the pup to stay still with that delicious-looking slice so close to his nose?!


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A post shared by Cutest Puppies! (@allstarpups) on

There is nothing cuter on this planet than a dachshund dressed as a pizza delivery man. There, we said it.


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A post shared by Hercules Almighty (@herculesoren) on

Corgis are automatically adorable no matter what they wear, and this pup in a pizza costume is no exception. Just look at that face!

Cat Pizza Costumes

While cats may be a bit more reluctant to put a costume on for Halloween, some are more tolerant than others. If there’s one thing people possibly like taking photos of more than themselves, it’s their pets.

We’ll assume that the below cats are perfectly fine with being dressed up, and no humans were harmed in the making of these pictures.


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A post shared by Becky Nz (@kynfa_bk) on

This cat doesn’t look too pleased to be dressed up as a pizza, but that may just be his face.


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A post shared by @hissycatkrissy on

We predict that the costume was taken off approximately 10 seconds after this photo was taken.


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A post shared by FitGirlWeslei (@fitgirlweslei) on

This guy looks pretty happy to be all glamored up for his first birthday.

DIY Pizza Costume Resources

Looking to make your own homemade pizza costume? Below is a list of DIY resources to help you out!

Blog NameType
Studio DIYAdult
DIY NetworkKids
U CreateKids
Food NetworkKids
Craft Create CookKids
Art Ducko YouTubeKids
Oh Yay StudioKids
Kamri Noel YouTubeKids

As for supplies, your best bet is to go to a local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Better yet, you can get your supplies delivered directly to you if you order online.

Want a more sustainable option? Consider upcycling fabric from a secondhand store like Goodwill or Salvation Army. That way, you’re being nicer to the planet and you’re likely to get the supplies for a cheap cost.

Places To Buy Pizza Costumes

There are many places to buy a pizza costume. When deciding which costume to buy we suggest taking things into consideration such as:

  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Shipping times (don’t wait last minute!)
  • Return policy
  • Price

Here are some websites you can find pizza costumes for Halloween!

Amazon Pizza Costumes

Everyone loves Amazon, because Prime members get free 2-day and sometimes 1-day shipping — plus, you can buy just about anything you could ever want.

If you’re an adult looking for a full-sized slice to wear around during the Halloween holiday, Amazon has a variety of costumes available for you to purchase at a reasonable price.

Amazon adult pizza costumes

Browse Adult Pizza Costumes

Parents — if your kid wants to dress up like their favorite food (pizza) for Halloween, consider browsing on Amazon before you hop in the car to the closest Halloween store. Most likely, you’ll be able to find the exact same costumes on Amazon for a lower price, plus you won’t have to deal with the hassle of going to the store.

Browse Kids Pizza Costumes

We all know that new parents are busy – so knock your Halloween shopping out of the way by purchasing some items on Amazon. On the site, you’ll be able to find many different options (and toppings!) for a price that any budgeting parent would be pleased with.

Browse Infant & Toddler Pizza Costumes

Walmart Pizza Costumes

There are a variety of costumes available on the Walmart website for purchase. Below are some Walmart pizza costumes. Depending on the costume, you may be able to buy it online and then pick it up in the store, or have it shipped directly to your home.

Target Pizza Costumes

Browse any of the available pizza costumes at Target and head over to the store to purchase. While you’re there, you can grab some frozen pizza to eat later!

Party City Pizza Costumes

Well-recognized as one of the go-to places for Halloween costumes, Party City is sure to have a few different pizza costumes for you to choose from. Here are a few that we found.

eBay Pizza Costumes

eBay has been around for awhile — offering discounts on items from different sellers around the world.


Halloween is considered one of the best holidays of the year. It is a fun chance for people of all ages to let loose, get dressed up, and eat lots of candy.

There are many options available for your Halloween outfit — both store-bought and handmade — and if you’re a true lover of pizza, you can easily find a costume from this list that will help you celebrate your favorite food.

Want to be the life of the party? Wear a pizza costume and bring pizza to your Halloween event. That way, you’ll bring new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat” — plus, your friends will thank you.

Have you dressed up like pizza for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!