What to Drink with Pizza

drinks to pair with pizza

Every pizza enthusiast knows the importance of pairing their slice with a good beverage. While drink options can be as endless as pizza topping choices, we’ve taken the guess work out of what to drink with your pizza. Find out what drinks will enhance and elevate your pizza’s flavor for a winning dining experience. These are the best drinks for our best friend, pizza.


Wine and red sauce have a love story that dates back centuries (shout to to the Italians) so it’s only natural that pizza and wine have a similar love affair. Our favorite wine to pair with a New York-style slice is a red wine, specifically pinot noir, chianti and sangiovese. This medium-bodied wine has subtle fruit flavors that perfectly complement a tomato sauce pie, like a Margherita pizza. A fresh-and-light white wine, like a pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc (even a rose), are good options for seafood-based pies or the more eccentric types, like Hawaiian pizza. Another hot tip, sparking wine, like a champagne or cava, works great for a high-brow/low-brow moment.


An ice cold beer is good just about any time, but the very best time to enjoy is when paired with pizza. Beer is bitter and can cut through the fat, salt and carbs of everyone’s favorite meal with ease, making this a winning duo. We like a hoppy IPA, especially when eating a meat-heavy pie like sausage, bacon or pepperoni pizza. A light beer like pilsner or even a lager are good options to let the melty mozzarella pizza flavors shine.


Back in our day, no kid’s pizza party was complete without soda. Coca-Cola was a special treat in our house for our pizza Friday’s with the family, and you’ll always find a cold pop at workplace pizza parties and childhood sleepovers. We have such fond memories of meat lover’s slices fresh from the pizzeria on pizza night. The thirst-quenching bubbles and sweetness make pizza taste THAT much better, trust us. Pepsi, Sprite and Dr. Pepper are pizza allies, too.


Cut through rich pizza toppings with a simple, sweet treat — lemonade. Bright and citrusy, lemonade tastes great with meat-forward pies, four-cheese pizzas and even artisan options made with goat cheese and figs. Adults and children alike will love the nostalgia of a fresh lemonade and hot cheese slice.

Sparkling Water

There’s just something about sparking water and pizza. Similar to a soda or sparking wine, the bubbles help cut through the fat and carbs of a greasy slice and cleanse your palate of any lingering rich flavors. The acidity in the cheese and sauce is mellowed by the sparkling water, creating a crisp aftertaste. You can keep it classic and just enjoy the bubbles, or opt for some flavors like citrus, berry and more. We love the Spindrift half-lemonade, half-iced team with our Chicago deep-dish.

Iced Tea

From unsweetened to classic Southern sweet tea, iced tea is refreshing, hydrating and brings your pizza to the next level with its subtle floral taste. Whether you’re sweetening your ice-cold tea with lemon or a simple peach puree, anything really goes when it comes to iced tea and pizza together. A slice of pizza, whether it’s a white pizza, bbq chicken pizza or a combo, the saltiness of the pie is great with soft drinks, sugary drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks.


And there you have it, the best pizza pairings. Now get drinking.