The Ultimate Guide to Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza Guide

A supreme pizza offers an incredible combination of toppings to create explosive flavors with each bite. It is one of the most popular selections at pizzerias around the world because it creates such a delicious slice.

Pizza Hut is often given credit for inventing the modern version of the supreme pizza. The chain became the #1 chain in the world in 1971 by the number of restaurants and total sales. As it continued to expand globally throughout the 1970s, it would introduce a Super Supreme Pizza in 1977 to American customers.

A supreme pizza is different from a deluxe one because of the presence of vegetables.

If you order a deluxe pizza from most restaurants or pizzerias, then you’ll receive a pie that’s loaded with several different meat varieties. The traditional supreme slice offers two types of meat and three vegetable selections to enjoy.

What Is Supreme Pizza?

supreme pizza toppings

Although supreme pizzas come in a variety of recipes, the minimum combination of ingredients must include two meats and two vegetables. You may find differences in the final composition based on where you live or travel.

A supreme pizza can have any crust style and still qualify for this description. The most popular thicknesses are pan-style and hand-tossed, although thin-crust slices are becoming more popular in gluten-conscious communities.

You can find a supreme pizza on a gluten-free crust at some pizzerias. If you have sausage on that slice, then you’ll need to ask about how it was processed to ensure it won’t be a dietary trigger.

Supreme pizzas are also commonly found in the frozen food section of your local grocery store and is one of the most popular frozen pizza types.

Toppings Usually Found on a Supreme Pizza

Five standard toppings are typically part of a supreme pizza recipe. You’ll also find the signature tomato sauce of the pizzeria or brand present on each slice with a generous helping of mozzarella cheese that stretches toward the crust.

The toppings should be in equal amounts across the entire pizza so that the flavor profile remains consistent with each bite.

1. Pepperoni.

This topping is the American version of a traditional salami. It’s made from a mixture of beef and pork, then seasoned with chili pepper, paprika, or both.

The meat is usually soft and smoky in flavor. It tends to be bright red in color because of the presence of the spices, and this combination of features makes it one of the most popular pizza toppings of any style.

When compared to a traditional spicy salami from southern Italy, pepperoni tends to have a finer grain. Most of them use an artificial casing since the product gets mass-produced to meet the demands for it on pizzas.

Nitrites or nitrates sometimes get added to the curing process to prevent the formation of botulism in the meat product. This process also contributes to the bright red color of the pizza topping.

2. Sausage.

Several sausage types can be found on supreme pizzas around the world. Some pizzerias even make their own toppings to put on their pies.

The standard sausage for a supreme pizza features fennel, pepper, and a somewhat coarse grind. That combination creates a chunk of meat that’s flavorful and filling. When it is made to the correct size, then you’ll see extra browning on the top of the ingredient because of the baking process.

When you order a supreme pizza with sausage, it is essential to ask if this ingredient is added raw or cooked. When a recipe calls for uncooked meat, then the grease and fat content of each slice can be significantly higher.

3. Bell Peppers.

When you order a supreme pizza from a restaurant, then the bell peppers are typically yellow or red. If you purchase one from the frozen foods section of the grocery store, then it tends to be the green variety instead.

New cultivars create options for purple, white, or orange bell peppers to be added to the supreme pizza while it bakes.

Aloha peppers are another new addition to the family of recipes. This unique variety, which is exclusive to Mastronardi, has red and yellow overlapping stripes and a slightly sweeter flavor profile.

If you like a bit of sourness to your pizza, then green bell peppers are your best option. All of the other colors offer a higher level of ripeness that ups the sugary component of this vegetable.

4. Onions.

The onions on a supreme pizza are typically white or red. You can sometimes find green onions provided as an ingredient if the other two options are not available.

This topping is usually added raw to the top of the pizza. It is generally provided in strips or slices, but a diced or minced option is still considered suitable.

You can also caramelize the onions before adding it to a supreme pizza to add a different flavor and texture element to each bite.

5. Black Olives.

Black olives are typically used for a supreme pizza because the ripeness of it provides a mild flavor boost that compliments the other meats and vegetables.

Oxidized black olives, which are the ones that come from a can, are typically used for this recipe.

If you like olives on your pizza, then consider adding Liguria to your slice. This salt-brined variety packs a vibrant flavor that the oxidized products cannot offer.

Gaeta, Ponentine, and Kalamata varieties are also fantastic alternatives to the small, dark wheels that you typically see as a pizza ingredient.

The only difference between green olives and black ones is that the latter is ripe. When this topping isn’t in a ripened state, then it tends to firm and dense, with more sourness to each bite.

Different Topping Variations for Supreme Pizza

Although black olives are a staple of the traditional supreme pizza, it is not always included as a topping. You don’t often see it on frozen products because it doesn’t go through the processing work to create a safe item very well.

Black olives on frozen pizzas tend to be quite mushy. They also tend to lack much flavor. Instead of forcing the situation on consumers, most providers offer the other four ingredients by themselves instead.

Some restaurants and pizzerias that offer a supreme pizza follow that trend.

Countries outside of the United States have their own take on this pizza that can be a lot of fun to try. Canadians often add peameal bacon to it, which is a topping that is cured, but not smoked. It gets cut from the loin and adds meatiness to the supreme recipe.

Australians use ground beef, pineapple, and mushrooms on their version of the supreme pizza in addition to the five standard ingredients that you see used with this recipe – although black olives are often excluded.

Some pizzerias also offer “extreme” versions of the supreme pizza recipe to include chicken, ham, mushrooms, and different cheeses.

That’s why you need to perform your due diligence when ordering this pizza for the first time from a restaurant.

Always Ask About the Toppings When Ordering

The only common denominator that can be found when ordering a supreme pizza is that it has two types of meat and two vegetables at a minimum on each slice. Each restaurant and region may choose different combinations from that recipe structure to create something unique and tasty – but without the traditional ingredients that you might expect to find.

Some pizzerias add mushrooms as a standard topping with their supreme pizza. If you don’t like that ingredient, then you’ll want to ask before ordering to ensure it doesn’t get added to your pie.

The one question that gets overlooked when ordering a supreme pizza involves the quality of the sausage. Good toppings won’t produce a robust odor that you can detect on the pizza. If the smell is strong, then flavoring may have gotten added to the product.

When your sausage for a supreme pizza smells more like herbs than meat, then this result can indicate that a fresh product isn’t being used.

You must also look at the ingredient list that the restaurant, pizzeria, or product offers. If the sausage contains soy, then it uses more leftovers, skin, and bean curd than actual meat.

Are You Ready to Enjoy a Slice of Supreme Pizza Tonight?

A supreme pizza feels like you’re getting an entire meal in a slice. When it is made correctly, the combination of flavors feels like a cohesive experience.

There may be several variations on the traditional supreme pizza around the world, but the five ingredients that make up the vast majority of slices is always an excellent combination.

The supreme pizza offers something to everyone. You’ve got toppings for those who love meat, vegetables for those who crave them, and sometimes a little something extra for those who like some variety.

If you’re feeling hungry right now, then let a supreme pizza be the plan for dinner tonight. Place an order for one from a local business – or make one with your family to create a memorable experience!