The 30 Best Pizza Shirts of All Time

pizza shirt

When you love something, it’s only natural you want to scream it from the rooftops. While we’re all for using your words to express your love for pizza, we’ve heard actions are worth a thousand of them, so the real OG’s will wear their slices on their sleeve.

This New York City street food makes for great street style, too, and many celebrities have been seen rocking a pizza pie ensemble, like our pal Cara Delevingne here.

Check out our most favorite pizza shirts and serve those pizza looks, folks.

15 Pizza Shirts to Express Yourself

We’ve cheese-pulled the very best pizza shirts so you can express yourself in style. These lewks are sure to turn the heads of pizza lovers and non-pizza lovers alike. But screw those non-pizza people, am I right?

Dad and baby matching pizza outfits.​​Dad and baby matching pizza outfits


Matching outfits for you and your little slice of pizza pie. You’ve got a pizza my heart, kid. This set makes a great Father’s Day gift idea.

Krusty Krab pizza t-shirt.

Krusty Krab pizza t-shirt


Spongebob knew what he was talking about when he said Krusty Krab pizza is the best pizza…for you and me. Support your pals under the sea with this cheesy tee.

Men’s short sleeve button down pizza print.

Men’s short sleeve button down pizza print


Wear pizza, but make it fashion. This classy button-up features little slices of pizza pie so you can roll into any room with subtle style. Guaranteed a best seller.

Pepperoni pizza t-shirt.

Pepperoni pizza t-shirt


If you’re going to wear pizza, you might as well WEAR pizza, right? This classic short sleeve tee is covered in cheese and topped with discs of pepperoni. Everyone will want to take a bite.

Button down Hawaiian aloha beach pizza shirt.

Hawaiian aloha beach pizza shirt


Yes, that is a sloth that’s riding a llama that’s riding a pepperoni pizza slice that’s riding a rainbow. Yes, they are surrounded by pizza, tacos and burritos. Why not? Keep it weird with this fun and funny pizza shirt.

DJ Space Cat spinning some pizza tee.

DJ Space Cat spinning some pizza tee


DJ pizza cat is in the house! We love a graphic tee, and this freaky little shirt is great for celebrating pizza parties and rave cats and intergalactic space backgrounds. It’s a funny t-shirt that feels weird and retro.

Pizza Tarot Card kid’s tee.

Pizza Tarot Card kid’s tee


Now that’s OUR kind of tarot reading. We’ve looked into your future and it’s looking very saucy.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet long sleeve shirt.

Pizza Planet long sleeve shirt


We would give anything to go to Toy Story’s Planet Pizza, but since we can’t pop into the animation, we’ll take the next best thing. This pizza shirt is one of the classics. Geek chic.

Death by Pizza shirt.

Death by Pizza shirt


Death by taco. Death by taxes. Death by pizza. All three things that are certain in this world. This crew neck makes us think about eating pizza and drinking a beer with our buddies.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza tank top.

Ninja Turtles pizza tank top


Represent Michelangelo’s Pizzeria with this pizza tank top that features our favorite ninja turtle holding a slice of pepperoni. Look at that belt, ya’ll.

Pizza sweatshirt.

Pizza sweatshirt


Have you ever gotten one of those plastic bags from the supermarket, grocery store, or Chinese food restaurant that says “THANK YOU” repeatedly? This shirt channels that design but replaces the pleasantries with “PIZZA,” because they have their priorities straight.

Give Me Pizza shirt.

Give Me Pizza shirt


We don’t know what’s going on here, but we are here for it. This electric green t-shirt features a Halloween or monster-inspired pizza that’s topped with googly eyes and chicken drumstick faces.

Ugly Christmas sweater pizza long sleeve.

Pizza Ugly Christmas sweater


Ho ho ho, Merry Cheese-mus. This ugly Christmas sweater is really one for every season, featuring a slice of pepperoni covered in Christmas lights. Tasty.

Baby pizza romper with matching booties.

Baby pizza romper


Can you even with this little baby romper and booties??? Dress your kid in pepperoni-chic. They’re so cute you’ll want to eat them up! But don’t, guys.

Diversified Portfolio pizza tee.

Diversified Portfolio pizza tee

Life is Good

It’s important to diversify your portfolio, like trading in your classic cheese slice for a supreme or pepperoni. Variety is the spice of life!

15 Women’s Pizza Shirts

Ladies, get your pizza swag here. We chose 15 pizza-inspired shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, tanks and even a swimsuit that’ll wet anyone’s appetite.

Pizza lover’s sweatshirt.

Women's pizza lover’s sweatshirt


It may be covered in pizza slices, but there’s nothing cheesy about this pizza sweatshirt. Covered with toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives and basil leaves, this illustrated design feels fun and chic.

Girls Food Print knotted tee.

Girls Food Print knotted tee

Forever 21

Pizza and burgers and french fries and soda. This may look like a junk food tee, but we think it’s all-American AF. Keep it cute with a knotted twist and pair it with some denim for the ultimate outfit.

Pizza My Heart short sleeve shirt.

Pizza My Heart short sleeve shirt

6 Dollar Shirts

Take it, take another little pizza my heart now baby. Think Joni Mitchell said that. Get your pepperoni slices here! We love a pizza pie t-shirt with a funny saying.

Love Fades but Pizza is Forever t-shirt.

Pizza is Forever t-shirt


You heard it here first. Love may fade, but pizza is forever. Remember your doughy, crusty, cheesy, saucy soulmate will never leave you.

Pizza pocket tee.

Pizza pocket tee


This just in: we think pocket tees were invented so you could save a slice of pizza for later. This pizza logo tee is trending on our food pyramid.

Pizza Slayer button-up shirt.

Pizza Slayer button-up shirt


This green button-down tee is just the kind of weird we like. Pair your pizza slice with skulls and swords for a real brutal look.

Spiderman 2 Pizza Time classic t-shirt.

Spiderman 2 Pizza Time classic t-shirt


As Toby Maguire aka Spiderman once said, IT’S PIZZA TIME. Tell everybody with this fun tee featuring a still from the movie.

Dabbing Pizza Slice tee.

Dabbing Pizza Slice tee

Expression Tees

When I dab, you dab, we dab (the oil on your pizza because sometimes you want to keep it light).

Pepperoni pizza skater dress.

Pepperoni pizza skater dress


Channel the perfect slice with this cute pizza dress. The skater skirt will have you twirling for days.

Only the Worthy pizza sweatshirt.

Only the Worthy pizza sweatshirt


Only the worthy survive – on pizza. Side note, doesn’t that little pepperoni pie look like a Pac-Man? We could get behind a pizza man Pac-Man game…

Oversized t-shirt hot and fresh pizza.

Oversized t-shirt hot and fresh pizza


Who’s HOT N READY for some pizza? We love this pizza top with a little Pick-Your-Pizza menu featuring our favorite toppings like margherita, pepperoni paradise, veggie deluxe, BBQ chicken and a four cheese feast.

In Pizza We Crust shirt.

In Pizza We Crust shirt



Pizza one-piece swimsuit.

Pizza one-piece swimsuit


Suit up in your finest pizza attire and take a swim. Pair with actual pizza for maximum effect.

Gigi Pizza Slice tank top.

Gigi Pizza Slice tank top

Lauren Moshi


Pizza by the slice, available courtesy of this black cutoff tank.

Pizza Triangle bralette.

Pizza Triangle bralette


Let’s normalize pizza lingerie because it is COOL. Next stop, pizza bodysuit.


Now get out there and get some pizza swag!