Gifts Ideas for Pizza-Obsessed People in Your Life

pizza themed gifts

It’s not always easy to pick the perfect gift — unless your recipient loves pizza. And chances are, they do: 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the United States alone. What better way to say, “I see you, friend,” then to indulge them with a pizza-focused present? Dive into our pizza-themed gift guide for inspiration.

Funny Pizza Gifts

Choosing the best gifts can be a high-pressure situation. But for pizza lovers, the options are endless — especially if you want to get a laugh. Here are nearly 30 pizza-related gift ideas that are sure to please.

Fly pizza shoes.

pizza shoes

Made Threads

You talk the “love pizza” talk, but do you walk the “love pizza” walk? Get some of these fly pizza shoes for any pizza lover who needs a little more pie underfoot — man, woman, or child.

Pizza shirt.

pizza shirt

Bad Pickle Tees

With these shirts, you can wear your pizza love on your sleeve. From images of cheesy pies to clever puns and more, pizza-related t-shirts run the gamut. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or a casual dabbler, there’s a fashion for everyone.

Pizza pajamas.

pizza pijamas


What better way to celebrate pizza night at home than with a nice set of pepperoni pizza-themed jammies? While you’re at it, grab a pair of pizza slippers and a pizza-themed sleep mask and gift the whole set. Forget counting sheep — you’ll be dreaming of pies in no time.

Pizza-scented candles.

Pizza-scented candles

Stinky Candle

Fill your home with the comforting scent of pizza. Candles make great gifts, whether it’s for a birthday or a housewarming — and a pizza-scented candle may be just the gift you need. This seller on Etsy has a great pizza-scented option too, among others that might appeal if you’re looking to round out a gift basket!

Stylish (and hilarious) pizza socks.

pizza socks


Socks are a great way to show some subtle personality under those boring work slacks. Get a pair of fun pizza socks for the pizza-loving nine-to-fivers in your life so they can take pizza with them, even as they get down to business.

A cozy pizza blanket.

pizza blanket


There’s nothing like the warmth of a fresh pizza — but a perfectly cozy pizza blanket isn’t far behind. These blankets will keep you warm before and after pizza dinner, and they won’t even burn the roof of your mouth. (Yeah, we know you’re not waiting for it to cool.)

A funny pizza frisbee.


For the pizza-lover-meets-outdoor-adventurer, a pizza frisbee might be just the thing. Plus, it might be the only time throwing a pizza at someone’s face wouldn’t be considered illegal — and that’s a win, no matter how you slice it.

These also make a great gift for the dogs and pupperonis in your life, because if there’s anyone who likes pizza and playing catch more than you do, it’s Man’s Best Friend.

A pizza sleeping bag.

pizza sleeping bag

This is Why I’m Broke

When park days turn to park stays, a pizza sleeping bag can get you through the night. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a backyard tenter, there’s nothing like spending the night safely ensconced in the arms of what you love the most: pizza. This bad boy comes customizable — choose your favorite toppings, or the ones you think will make the best pillows.

An awesome pizza pool float.

pizza pool float


Summer is peak pizza time. Give the gift of endless summer pizza with a pizza pool float. The best part? You don’t have to share if you don’t want to! (Just watch that you don’t get too crispy out there.)

A pizza night light.

pizza night light


“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,” it must be time to switch on the pizza nightlight. Afraid of the dark? Got your back. Need to illuminate a midnight slice sojourn to the fridge? Here for you. Let this beacon of pizza light your way.

A portable pizza pouch.

portable pizza pouch


For the pizza lover on the go. A whole pizza pie can be unwieldy to transport, but this portable pizza pouch makes carrying “just one more slice” easier than ever. Pair with a helmet full of hydration and you’ve got a whole meal in motion.

A pizza water bottle.

pizza water bottle


Man cannot live on pizza alone… or so they say. Stay hydrated and healthy with this pizza water bottle that says, “Don’t worry — not everything tastes as boring as water.”

A pizza koozie.

pizza koozie


Hot pizzas deserve a cold drink. These pizza koozies will keep your drinks cold while you stuff your face. Consider throwing a big pizza party and provide these cozy koozies as a party favor. (I’ll assume my invite is in the mail.)

A pizza fanny pack.


Fanny packs are back, y’all, so pack it up. Fill this pizza fanny pack with a couple of sodas and pizza koozies, toss a pizza pouch around your neck, and you’ve got a complete pizza picnic set.

Pizza party dice game.


What do pizza and games have in common? “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em; know when to fold ‘em.” Say goodbye to the boring games of yesteryear with this pizza dice game. Here’s hoping you’ll fold more New York-style pizza than poker hands.

A pizza coloring book.

pizza coloring book


Because coloring a hot dog would be boring. Besides, psychologists say coloring can relieve your pent-up stress. So whether you’re trying to entertain your favorite pizza-loving pre-schooler, or you’re just feeling a little tense, this pizza coloring book could be the antidote.

Pizza bean bag chair.

Pizza bean bag chair


Nothing ruins a good pizza party like running out of seating. Give guests a soft place to land with a pizza bean bag chair or two. Now lean back and have a deep dish with your pals. Hehe.

A pizza USB flash drive.

Pizza USB flash drive


Pizza-loving professionals everywhere, rejoice! This handy pizza flash drive won’t just haul your spreadsheets around — it’ll remind you that lunch is just around the corner.

A pizza scarf.


Pizza is delicious cold, but your neck? Should always be warm. Wrap it up and protect yourself against the cold, hard world with a pizza scarf. Because pizza is always there for us.

An awesome pizza keychain.

pizza keychain


Pair the key to your house with the key to your heart, and unlock a delicious future with a pizza keychain. Get the best-friends version for you and your pizza pals and make a whole pie. (And yes — it’s available as a necklace, too.)

Pizza mug.

Pizza mug


We know you love eating pizza for breakfast. But what if there’s nothing in the fridge? With this pizza coffee mug, you’ll never be deprived of your morning slice.

Pizza luggage tag.


At an airport baggage claim several years ago, someone mistook my luggage for theirs. But I can only blame myself — it looked the same as everyone else’s. Make sure your bags stand out with a little personality and pizza(z) with this pizza luggage tag.

Pizza jewelry.

Pizza jewelry


Every kiss begins with pizza. Who doesn’t want to be adorned with jewels celebrating the actual best food on Earth? Make a beautiful pizza jewelry set part of your or someone special’s life. And if you like your pepperoni glitzy and glam, this is a great option to show that your pizza is high class.

Pizza bandage.

Pizza bandage


When only pizza can sooth the pain. Your favorite comfort food can now comfort your wounds, too. Let these pizza bandages tell the world that when you fall down, you get up again — for pizza.

Pizza phone case.

Pizza phone case


And, speaking of protection — what ends in a skinned knee for you could be an absolute catastrophe for your gadgets. Encase your smartphone with one of these pizza phone cases, and make sure you’re never without your lifeline.

Pizza backpack.


Be the coolest kid in the room with this cheesy accessory. Whether you’re in the office or the classroom, this pizza backpack will remind you that there’s life on the other side — and the other side has pizza.

Pizza stickers.

Pizza stickers


Spread your love of pizza everywhere you go by slapping a fun pizza sticker on just about anything. Filled with pizza toppings of all kinds, this stickers are best sellers for a reason.

An amazing pizza doormat.


Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Your pizza doormat options are endless. Invite your guests in with open arms, or encourage them to turn around and hit the pizzeria before they ring the bell.

Pizza apron.


The last thing you want on your sweatshirt is pizza sauce (or BBQ sauce, or garlic sauce, or ranch…). Keep your fashion clean and dry with a pizza apron, whether you’re Italian or not!

Practical Pizza-Maker Gifts

The options for funny pizza gifts are endless, but there’s an abundance of joy for the more practical aficionado, too.

pizza-making classes

A pizza making class.

Are you or someone you love ready to take the dough into your own hands? Give the gift of homemade pizza. Cozymeal can take you on a culinary journey of your own creation with local pizza-making classes. (They also offer gift cards!)

A new pizza stone.

Unlike some kitchen tools, pizza stones aren’t just a snobby accessory you don’t really need. Here’s why — explained beautifully by Popular Mechanics:

“Compared to the metal of a baking sheet or pizza pan, the ceramic material of a pizza stone holds heat more evenly, and the porous surface draws water out of particularly wet areas of the dough as it cooks. Plus, when you preheat the stone, it gives the dough a strong burst of initial heat, puffing up the crust. A pan can’t do that.”


A folding pizza peel with a stone brush.

pizza peel


Nothing levels up an at-home pizza game like this pizza peel and stone brush. This is an accessory for a real professional. Who needs a pizza wheel when you have a pizza peel, right?

Pizza cutter rocker blade (with cover).

Pizza cutter rocker blade


If you or your best pizza pals are still using those janky little round pizza cutters, get up right now and go throw them away. I’ll wait. Once you use this badass pizza cutter rocker blade, you’ll never want to go back. Stainless steel all the way, baby.

A dough docker.

dough docker


This is THE tool for the pizza perfectionist. This dough docker will help you pierce your pizza dough to prevent over-rising or blistering. Add a little olive oil to work into those gorgeous little crevaces.

A portable outdoor pizza oven.

portable outdoor pizza oven


Sure, a grill is great, but what if you just want some good old fashioned pizza from the oven? With this portable outdoor pizza oven, you can have your backyard pizza party anywhere, even or your countertop. You can also check out our list of the best pizza ovens for wood-fired options (Ooni!) and more.

A dough rolling mat.

Roll out your dough on a non-slip, non-stick silicone surface. This dough rolling mat will make any pizza maker feel like a real pizza chef.

A useful pizza slice server.

Keep your fingers off the crust! Serve your slice like you’re in a real pizzaria with this pizza slice server.

A Reheatza – to reheat your pizza.

I can sympathize with anyone who reheats their pizza in the microwave. It’s a huge compromise in quality, but it’s also much faster — and sometimes you just have to make that sacrifice.

Not anymore. The Reheatza helps you reheat your pizza to crispy perfection in the microwave!

Pizza slice containers.

Pizza leftovers are the best, but storing them can be a hassle. The pizza box clutters up the fridge, but all your takeaway containers are squares, rectangles, and circles. This ingenious invention solves those storage woes with a pizza slice-shaped container for your lunchbox lefties.

Pizza wrapping paper.

I’m going to wrap it up with the most practical pizza present of all. This pizza wrapping paper is the gift that keeps on gifting. With this wrap, does it even matter what’s inside?


Pizza is almost universally beloved. Infinitely customizable, it can be enjoyed by people of all diets and food traditions. Does it go too far to call pizza the great unifier? Maybe. Choose one of these pizza-themed gifts to share the warmth of your heart with those you love the most.