You Need These Pizza Gift Baskets

The gift of pizza will always be a gift well-received, no matter the occasion. Whether you need to say I’m sorry, feel better, be well or I love you, let’s make up and have a great day, you can say it with pizza. Give your friends, family, colleagues and confidantes a gift they actually want this year: a pizza gift basket.

The 10 Best Pizza Gift Baskets

Here are 10 pizza gift baskets that anyone can enjoy, from pizza gift baskets and pizza gift boxes to pizza subscriptions and pizza sets.

Pizza Night! Gift Box by Foxtrot.


This at-home pizza kit by Foxtrot features the best-of-the-best ingredients to make the best-of-the-best pizza at home. Homemade pizza from scratch doesn’t need to be tricky when you use this themed gift box, which also happens to include a badass rocker knife. This box of goodies features ingredients from coast to coast, including a sauce from Chicago, equipment from Massachusetts and sea salt from Oregon. Set includes:

  • Lamson Pizza Rocker Knife: 12″ stainless steel pizza rocker with walnut wood handles. Made in Massachusetts since 1837. Hand wash only.
  • Spice House’s Crushed Red Chile: Responsibly sourced crushed red chile flakes from Spice House in Chicago, IL. Prime for adding moderate, cheery heat to sauces, pizzas, and sausages.
  • Pirro’s Pizza Sauce: All-natural tomato-based pizza sauce homemade by the Pirro family in Chicago. Passed down the family tree, Pirro’s recipe features the freshest ingredients, including tomatoes, salt, spices, black pepper, and garlic powder.
  • Tempesta – Uncured Pepperoni: 100% dry-aged, uncured pepperoni seasoned with cayenne peppers, fennel seeds, and imported paprika. Handcrafted in Chicago, IL from family farm-raised animals in the Midwest.
  • Hayden Flour Mills Pizza Flour: Hand-cultivated, heritage pizza flour from Hayden Flour Mill’s minimal intervention recipe. The perfect blend of freshly milled Hard Red Spring, White Sonora, and just a touch of Blue Beard Durum flours.
  • Jacobsen’s Sea Salt Slide Tin: Pure flake sea salt hand-harvested from the Oregon coast.

DeLallo Pizza Ingredients Care Package.


Nothing says I love you, feel better or have a great day like a pizza wellness package. The pizza ingredients care package by DeLallo is a gift box that dreams are made of, featuring DeLallo’s famous Italian pizza dough kit, signature sauces and a ton of gourmet goodies to use as pizza toppings. Set includes:

  • DeLallo Mozzarella Cheese Wedge 8 oz
  • DeLallo Mild Banana Pepper Rings 16 oz
  • DeLallo Sliced Ripe Olives 3.8 oz
  • DeLallo Pizza Seasoning Spice Shaker 3.2 oz
  • DeLallo Imported Italian Pizza Sauce 12.7 oz
  • DeLallo Pizzeria-Style Pizza Sauce 14 oz
  • DeLallo Chopped Calabrian Chili Peppers in Jar 6.7 oz.
  • DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit 17.6 oz (2)
  • DeLallo Domestic Provolone Cheese Wedge 8 oz
  • DeLallo Short Stick Pepperoni 7 oz

Personalized Pizza Grilling Crate by Man Crates.


The Pizza Grilling Crate by Man Crates turns any oven or backyard grill into a top-notch pizzeria. From the premium ingredients to the personalizable pizza peel, your friends and family can make amazing pizza without the fancy oven. As for the tools, the collapsible, customizable pizza peel can transfer piping hot pies from the grill to the table with ease, plus the four cordierite baking stones can grill pizza pies of all sizes and shapes. For flavor enhancers, you have Tony Gemignani’s artisanal flour pizza dough to make a simple homemade, hand-tossed pizza crust that’s please a crowd. Set includes:

  • Personalized Collapsible Stainless Steel Pizza Peel, 21.3″ l x 11.8″ w
  • 4 Cordierite Pizza Grilling Stones
  • 2-Sided Pizza Roller
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Tony Gemignani’s Artisanal Pizza Dough, 2 lbs
  • Pizza Seasoning, 2 oz

Harry & David™ Pizza Kit.


Bring the pizza party to your house with this speciality pizza kit by Harry & David. This pizza gift basket includes everything you need to make homemade pizza like a professional, including two organic artisan pizza crusts that are both crispy and chewy. Top with organic heirloom tomato marinara sauce, Colby Jack cheese, Sicilian Jack cheese, roasted bell peppers with garlic, and traditional sliced pepperoni for the best day ever. Set includes:

  • Sonoma Gourmet organic heirloom tomato marinara pizza sauce (12 oz)
  • Red and yellow peppers with garlic (12.9 oz)
  • Olli Salumeria® Sliced Pepperoni (4 oz)
  • Harry & David® Colby Jack cheese (8 oz)
  • Harry & David® Sicilian Jack cheese (8 oz)
  • 2 organic 10-inch thin pizza crusts (12 oz each)

Pizza Basket by Cheese & Wine Traders.


Make any night, pizza night! The pizza gift basket by Cheese & Wine Traders delivers all the essentials for an easy, cheesy pizza night. The pizza gift box includes Vermont-specific ingredients to build your perfect pie, including classic pizza crust, pizza seasoning, Vermont uncured smoked pepperoni, Vermont sharp cheeses and a Dell’Amore pizza sauce. Buon apetito! Set includes:

Williams Sonoma Pizza Night Essentials Set.


This pizza night essentials set by Williams Sonoma allows gift recipients to make amazing pizza in record time. Use the brand’s exclusive crust mix, San Marzano chunky tomato sauce and organic seasonings to make a savory pizza pie in less than 30 minutes. Add your favorite pizza toppings to spice things up like mozzarella cheese and fresh basil or black olives, green peppers and mushrooms for a vegetable-focused pie. Set includes:

  • Pizza Crust Mix: Premium mix includes yeast – just add water and vegetable oil. (12 oz.; makes two 12″ thin-crust pizzas)
  • San Marzano Pizza Sauce: Chunky sauce showcases the natural sweetness of vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy, gently simmered with fresh garlic, basil and Italian extra-virgin olive oil. (1 lb. 2 oz.)
  • Organic Pizza Seasoning: Aromatic organic Mediterranean herbs and spices are blended with savory onions and sweet sundried tomatoes. Seasonings are crushed just before blending to ensure optimal flavor and aroma. (1.7 oz.)

Talia di Napoli Pizza Set.


Talia di Napoli is a new brand out of Brooklyn that transports their authentic Neapolitan-style pizza straight from Naples. Made by local pizzaiolos using time-honored traditions and only high quality, all-natural ingredients, this pizza set is a perfect no-fuss gift for the pizza lover in your life. With 8 frozen pizzas in The Taste of Talia set, you can try all of their offerings. Set includes:

  • Margherita Pizza (2): The most popular Neapolitan pizza in the world, which symbolizes the Italian flag with green basil, white mozzarella and red tomato sauce. Our pomodoro sauce is made from shining ruby red tomatoes fresh off the vines in Italy. Our mozzarella is smooth mozzarella ‘white gold’ is incredibly smooth and combines perfectly with the sauce and the fresh basil added on top.
  • Mozzarella Pizza (2): Our mozzarella pizza has been designed to be a “white canvas” to unleash your culinary creativity by allowing you to add any toppings or sauces that you like. If you are a mozzarella lover, it can also be enjoyed as is. Known in Italy as Oro Bianco, our fior di Latte Mozzarella combines delicate taste with a smooth texture. It gently melts and leaves a taste that is bold, creamy, and faintly tart all at once.
  • Provolina Pizza (1): Our specialty, smoky pizza. We have combined bold smoked provola cheese with juicy Chopped sweet cherry tomatoes. The wheat smoke dried cheese is gentle but tasty and sets the stage for juicy cherry tomatoes to wash over your palate.
  • Rossa Pizza (1): Our lactose free pizza. meant to be combined with flavors and toppings to your liking. Our bold tomato sauce “passata di pomodoro” which showcases pronounced flavor and a dough that is both leggera (light and airy) but also entirely gripping in every bite.
  • Tartufina Pizza (1): As our premium pizza the Tartufina pizza is an aromatic experience filled with the the creamy textures of our Fior Di Latte Mozzarella, our nutty grated Black truffle mixed with our bold porcini mushrooms
  • Four Cheese Pizza (1): A celebration of four aromatic cheeses on one pizza. Switzerland’s iconic Emmental Cheese, Gorgonzola and Italy’s authentic Parmesan each provide a sharp taste that blends perfectly with our signature oro bianco mozzarella. The pizza’s buttery, nutty and sweet tones are revealed bite after bite a truly enlightening Italian dining experience any cheese lovers

Sally’s Apizza New Haven Style-Pizza Sampler.


New Haven is one of America’s best cities for pizza, and Sally’s Apizza is perhaps the most iconic pizza restaurant in the area. Handmade using the best-quality ingredients, Sally’s is defined by its thin, crispy, slightly charred crust produced in the restaurant’s 100-year-old coal-fired oven. Thanks to Goldbelly, you can now give the gift of a true New Haven original pizza pie sampler set with a three-pack of legendary pizzas that will surprise and delight. Set includes:

  • Sauce & Mozzarella Pizza (1):This pie is sauce-forward with a crust kissed by fire, lightly sprinkled with creamy, salty mozzarella.
  • Pepperoni Pizza (1): This pie is sauce forward with a crust kissed by fire, lightly sprinkled with creamy, salty mozarella, and topped with pepperoni.
  • White Potato & Rosemary Pizza (1)  – A real original. Thinly sliced potato and onion are lightly sprinkled with creamy, salty mozzarella and the perfect amount of rosemary for the perfect savory, charred bite.

Lou Malnati’s Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza Set.


Pizzas available: Gluten Free Cheese, Gluten Free Sausage, Gluten Free Pepperoni

No one does deep-dish quite like Chicago, and the place to try the very best version of it is the one and only Lou Malnati’s. While they may be known for their saucy, rich, dense pizza pies, Lou Malnati’s also makes gluten-free versions of the classics, which is a real delight to those of us who are gluten intolerant. Does your friend LOVE deep-dish pizza but can no longer enjoy it? This little gluten-free deep dish pizza set is a gift for them! Confirmed gluten free, the crust is made with a blend of rice flour, potato starch, pea fiber, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum (may contain almond, coconut, egg). The Tastes of Chicago bring you the greatest dishes this fine city has to offer, delivered straight to your door. Set includes:

  • Two Gluten-Free Deep Dish Pizzas: Your Choice of Gluten Free Cheese, Gluten Free Sausage or Gluten Free Pepperoni.

Bona Furtuna’s Monthly Gift Subscription.


Bona Furtuna’s monthly gift subscription box lets you bring the magic of Sicily right to your kitchen. The Italian specialty food purveyor makes organic sauces, pastas, olive oil, and more with ingredients from their sustainable farm in Corleone. With a monthly membership, you receive a curated selection of new and best-selling products that can be used to make a different recipe each month, such as homemade pizza with basil-almond pesto and Sicilian chile pepper flakes. Products will rotate monthly and feature exclusive Bona Furtuna creations not available anywhere else as well as special partnership collaborations. On rotation throughout the year is usually something from their pizza collection, like this month a choice of a classic Neapolitan-style pie or Sicily’s traditional Sfincione. Set includes:

  • Basil Almond Pesto 
  • Basil Oil
  • Sicilian Pizza Flour
  • Original Marinara Sauce
  • Oregano Flowers
  • Sicilian Chili Flakes


And to answer your question, yes, you can definitely get one of these for yourself, too. You deserve it.