Spice Things Up With These Pizza Date Night Ideas

pizza date night

Spice things up for date night with everyone’s favorite third wheel. Planning a pizza date that’s *not* cheesy is impossible, but that’s where all of the fun is. Intimate, low-key and easy to please, pizza has the right idea when it comes to what makes a date night great. Spending time together has never been more important, so give your significant other a piz-za your time with these creative pizza date night ideas.

Why Date Nights are Awesome (Especially with Pizza)

Date night is key to keeping the romance alive in any relationship. In fact, marriage therapists say that a regular date night helps build and maintain communication, connection, support and attachment. Major bonus points that it’s something fun you’re able to share together and reminds you of how much you enjoy each other’s company.

Pizza Date Night Ideas

Pizza naturally brings people together. It’s a nostalgic food that has united us all throughout our life, whether it’s at game night, a friend’s birthday or family party. Honor that nostalgia and ignite that flame within you both with these clever home date night ideas.

Make a homemade pizza together.

Homemade pizza date night is an easy way to spend time with one another after a long, busy day. It’s one of our favorite ways to unwind on a Friday night, opting for a low-key at-home date that’s easy on the wallet and stress free as you’re hosting yourselves! 

One pro tip is to set the table in a fun way to make it special so it feels like you’ve left your house! Flowers and candles are nice touches as well as eating on different “special occasion” plates to curate the vibe.

Building DIY pizza together is a fun task that’s also quite intimate. What does your partner like or their pizza? Maybe you can create something special for them rather than do your own pizza. Do you like the same toppings? That’s love right there, baby. Make one big pizza with all of your favorite things and share it together. Not every pizza has to be a personal pizza.

You can make homemade pizza dough or stop at your local pizza shop and grab some of there’s! Most pizzerias and Italian restaurants will do this, even if it’s not advertised. Find your pizza recipe online or grab your favorite pizza toppings and build your masterpiece. Our go-to is pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage, red onion, parmesan, fresh mozzarella cheese, ricotta and oregano on pizza crust. Yes, you can play with your food for this. Cut those pepperonis into hearts. Make that pizza into a heart shape. Make an olive oil smiley face. Buy a pizza oven! Okay, you’re right, maybe that’s excessive. Use a pizza stone! Don’t! Use a baking sheet! It’s a play date after all.

Eat out at a pizza restaurant.

Sometimes date night done right is when you don’t have to do anything at all. That’s where our beloved pizza comes in. Have a big fancy date night out at a pizza restaurant and leave the work to the professionals. You can enjoy a nice bottle of wine paired perfectly with their signature pizza styles (BBQ? Pesto? Veggies) without any mess or stress. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson recently had a low-key pizza date at Jon & Vinny’s in LA, so even the celebs approve of this one.

A fun alternative to a fancy pizza restaurant is to go to your local slice shop, grab a table and eat it right out of the box. Those old-school neighborhood spots feels familiar and nostalgic in a way that promotes intimacy and fun. Take photos at the booths, video the ultimate cheese pull and just have fun with it!

Order pizza in.

Ordering pizza at home may feel like a cop out, but for pizza date night, it’s anything but! While you may still be phoning in your favorites, you can deviate from the norm by experimenting with different toppings, flavors and styles then you’re used to, making it a real adventure. You can also make your night-in special by creating a theme, whether it’s game night, cozy night-in or movie night. We love to wear our favorite satin or cotton pajamas, slippers, and eat our pizza with a side of popcorn and a psychological thriller. Do it up in a way that’s special to you and there’s no way you’ll be disappointed.

Take a pizza cooking class together.

An interactive date is always a good idea because you’re trying something new that gets you BOTH out of your comfort zone. Sharing an activity makes you a team, and being on a team is exciting, thrilling, intimate… dare we say sexy? Create the perfect romantic moment with a pizza cooking class where you can learn the ins and outs of pizza making in a warm, inviting setting. Plus, many cooking classes are BYOB or include wine in the package, big yay. You can do something in-personal or online if you’d rather work from your own kitchen. Just be sure to add some ambiance.

Add More Pizzazz with These Cute Ideas

Elevate your pizza date night in by incorporating special touches that your loved one will get a real kick out of. If you’re going to center the date around pizza, you might as well get into it! Embrace the theme, ya’ll.

Make a heart shaped pizza.

Grabbing a pie with your main slice is already a fun date night idea, but make things more special by surprising your partner with a heart-shaped pizza. You can order it on the sly so your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whoever-you-love will be surprised, delighted and hungry. If you’re making it at home, suggest a heart shape when you’re rolling out the dough. It may be cheesy but they’ll love the gesture, we promise.

Use cute pizza pickup lines and puns.

Whether you’re ordering in or having a low-key night out, you better bring your A-game when it comes to wowing your boo. These cheesy pickup lines and Instagram captions are perfect for pizza date night with bae.

  • Warning: this selfie is extra cheesy.
  • You may have stolen my heart, but no, you can’t have the last slice.
  • I pepperoni-ly have eyes for you.
  • I love you to pizzas.
  • The only party I like is a pizza party.
  • You’re really grate.
  • Every pizza me loves every pizza you.

Wear silly pizza attire.

If you really want to lean into the theme, which you do, get your pizza swag on to celebrate date night. From pizza socks and pizza hats to pizza shirts, jumpsuits and more, there’s so much pizza merch out there that you can definitely find something to really express yourself, and your love for pizza (and each other). This works well for a silly pizza night in, unless you want to show your enthusiasm in public. We are here for it.


Now go ahead and get loose, because it’s about to be a REAL good, extra cheesy date night.