Uplevel Your Knowledge With These Pizza Books

pizza books

Want to learn about the history of pizza? Or do you want to improve your cooking skills with new pizza recipes and techniques?

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or looking for a delicious adventure, we’ve curated an extensive list of books that are your ticket to becoming a pizza guru.

Books About Pizza’s History and Culture

These literary gems explore the socio-cultural impact of pizza, the tales of its origin, and the myriad ways in which it has been embraced and celebrated across cultures.

“Pizza: A Global History” by Carol Helstosky

“Pizza: A Global History” by Carol Helstosky is a captivating odyssey that traces the humble beginnings of pizza in the sun-kissed alleys of Naples and follows its meteoric rise to global adoration. Helstosky, a historian with a penchant for unearthing culinary tales, weaves a rich read that captures the essence of pizza.

The book is full of anecdotes, tracing how this simple Italian dish of bread, tomatoes, and cheese transcended its origins to become a universal language of flavor. Helstosky’s narrative is as layered as a well-topped pizza, exploring the cultural, historical, and political influences shaping pizza’s evolution.

“Pizza: A Slice of American History” by Liz Barrett

Liz Barrett’s “Pizza: A Slice of American History” is a time machine that takes you through the evolution of pizza in America.

From its arrival with Italian immigrants to the various regional adaptations, this book is a comprehensive chronicle of pizza’s journey in the United States. Barrett delves into the history and stories behind famous pizzerias and pizza chains and how pizza has woven itself into the fabric of American culture.

The book is also a practical guide, including 30 pizza recipes and topping ideas.

Barrett’s writing is engaging and informative, making this book a historical text and a cookbook. Whether you’re a history buff or a home cook, this book offers a slice of something for everyone.

“Pizza City, USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago Is America’s Greatest Pizza Town” by Steve Dolinsky

In “Pizza City, USA,” Steve Dolinsky, a renowned food reporter and pizza aficionado, takes you on a whirlwind tour through the streets of Chicago, a city with pizza running through its veins.

Dolinsky’s book is a love letter to the Windy City’s rich pizza heritage, exploring the deep-dish wonders and the thin-crust marvels. With a journalist’s eye and a foodie’s heart, he reviews 101 different pizzerias, painting a vivid picture of the pizza landscape in Chicago.

But this book is more than just reviews; it’s a journey through the history and culture of Chicago pizza. Dolinsky delves into the ingredients, crust, sauce, and techniques that make each pizzeria unique. He talks to the pizzaiolos, the patrons, and the critics to get a 360-degree view of what makes Chicago the ultimate pizza town.

“The Pizza Book: Everything There Is To Know About the World’s Greatest Pie” by Aaron Quint and Michael Bernstein

Aaron Quint and Michael Bernstein’s “The Pizza Book” is a magnum opus of pizza knowledge. This comprehensive guide is like an encyclopedia, a recipe book, and a travel diary rolled into one.

The authors, passionate pizza lovers, share their personal experiences and the wisdom they’ve gathered in their quest for the perfect slice. From the history of pizza to the myriad styles around the globe, this book leaves no stone unturned.

What sets this book apart is the author’s infectious passion for pizza. They offer traditional and innovative recipes and tips and tricks that are invaluable for the home cook. The book also delves into the pizza-making traditions of different cultures, offering a global perspective on this beloved dish. This is not just a book; it’s a lifelong companion for anyone who loves pizza.

“Passion for Pizza: A Journey Through Thick and Thin to Find the Pizza Elite” by Craig Whitson and Tore Gjesteland

“Passion for Pizza” by Craig Whitson and Tore Gjesteland is a love story, a travelogue, and a cookbook, all dedicated to the glory of pizza. The authors take you on a pizza pilgrimage through Italy, the United States, and other pizza-loving countries.

This book celebrates the history, the personalities, and, of course, the pizza itself. The authors’ enthusiasm is palpable as they share stories and recipes they’ve encountered on their travels.

The book has stunning photographs that capture the essence of different pizzas and the places they come from. The authors also share interviews with pizza makers, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative. Whether you’re a pizza purist or an adventurous eater, this book will inspire you to explore the world of pizza with fresh eyes and an open palate.

“Where to Eat Pizza” by Daniel Young

With over 1,700 pizzerias, parlors, and pizza joints from various corners, this guide is an essential companion for the pizza-loving traveler. Daniel Young provides insights into what makes each pizzeria unique, including their history, ingredients, and techniques.

But this is not just Young’s voice; the book is a chorus of experts, including chefs, critics, and local pizza fanatics. It’s a compilation of quotes, recommendations, and snippets that paint a picture of the global pizza landscape.

“Pizza: History, recipes, stories, people, places, love” by Thom Elliot and James Elliot

The Elliot brothers, founders of Pizza Pilgrims, have crafted a love letter to pizza in this book. Thom and James Elliot take you on a journey through the world of pizza, sharing their experiences, stories, and recipes they’ve encountered on their pizza pilgrimage.

This book has beautiful photography, interesting interviews with pizza makers, and many recipes ranging from classic Neapolitan pizza to new innovative toppings and flavors.

What makes this book special is the brothers’ genuine love for pizza, which is evident on every page. They don’t just share recipes; they share the soul of pizza. They talk about the people they’ve met, the places they’ve seen, and the pizzas that have changed their lives. T

“Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box” by Scott Wiener

Scott Wiener brings you a unique and visually stunning book that explores the art and history of pizza boxes.

As a pizza enthusiast and an avid collector of pizza boxes, Wiener showcases some of this colorful book’s most amazing and obscure pizza boxes. The book is a gallery displaying pizza boxes’ creativity, design elements, and evolution over time.

But it’s not just about the art; Wiener also delves into the history of pizza boxes, the innovations in design, and their role in pizza culture. The book is a testament to Wiener’s passion for all things pizza and will captivate anyone interested in art, design, or pizza.

Pizza Cookbooks to Enhance Your Skills

Roll up your sleeves and create mouthwatering pizzas with these cookbooks.

“The Elements of Pizza: Unlocking the Secrets to World-Class Pies at Home” by Ken Forkish

Ken Forkish, an acclaimed baker, takes you on a culinary journey in “The Elements of Pizza.” This book is not just a cookbook; it’s a masterclass in the art and science of making the perfect pizza.

Forkish lays the foundation for your pizza with over a dozen dough recipes. He then builds upon this with expert advice on shaping, topping, and baking. His passion for pizza is contagious, and his meticulous attention to detail ensures that even a novice can create pizzas that would make Italy proud.

It is inspiring to see Forkish’s dedication to understanding the science behind pizza making. He delves into the chemistry of ingredients, the oven’s physics, and the fermentation’s biology. This holistic approach ensures that you don’t just follow a recipe but understand the hows and whys of each step.

Whether you’re a seasoned pizzaiolo or just starting, this book is invaluable.

“Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef” by Anthony Falco

In “Pizza Czar,” Anthony Falco, an international pizza consultant, shares his knowledge acquired from opening pizzerias around the globe. He shares recipes that span diverse styles and traditions, and his tips on fermentation, flour, and ingredients are nuggets of pizza gold.

Falco’s storytelling is amazing. As he shares recipes, he also shares the stories of the people and places behind them. His experiences, both successes, and failures, give you a real sense of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making great pizza.

This book is not just a collection of recipes; it’s a story of passion, adventure, and the relentless pursuit of pizza perfection.

“Mastering Pizza: The Art and Practice of Handmade Pizza, Focaccia, and Calzone” by Marc Vetri and David Joachim

Marc Vetri, one of America’s best Italian chefs, teams up with food writer David Joachim in “Mastering Pizza,” a book that is both a love letter to pizza and a meticulously researched guide.

Vetri’s expertise in Italian cuisine is evident in the recipes and techniques shared in this book. This book has something for everyone, from classic Margherita to adventurous topping combinations.

But it’s not just about pizza. Vetri and Joachim also explore other Italian staples like focaccia and calzone.

The book is beautifully designed, with stunning photography that makes your mouth water. Vetri’s personal stories and insights add depth to the recipes.

“The Pizza Bible: The World’s Favorite Pizza Styles” by Tony Gemignani

Tony Gemignani, a world champion pizza tosser and a maestro in the pizza world, brings you “The Pizza Bible,” a scripture for pizza lovers.

This exhaustive guide is a deep dive into nine different regional styles of pizza, from the thin-crust Neapolitan and Roman to the hearty Chicago and Detroit styles. Gemignani’s expertise shines through as he meticulously details each style’s techniques, ingredients, and nuances.

What makes “The Pizza Bible” a must-have is the range of recipes and the passion and knowledge that Gemignani imparts. He shares secrets he has honed over the years, ensuring that your pizza is not just good but divine.

“Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza” by Ken Forkish

Ken Forkish, an artisan baker, strips down pizza to its bare essentials in “Flour Water Salt Yeast.” This book is a testament to the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Forkish focuses on the traditional elements that are the foundation of the most delicious baked goods.

He meticulously explains the roles of each ingredient and how they interact to create the perfect dough. Forkish’s explanations of techniques are detailed yet accessible, making it perfect for bakers of all levels. The book also includes a range of recipes, from simple pizzas to artisan bread.

“Perfect Pan Pizza: Square Pies to Make at Home, from Roman, Sicilian, and Detroit, to Grandma Pies and Focaccia” by Peter Reinhart

A baking instructor and author, Peter Reinhart dedicates “Perfect Pan Pizza” to making square pies. This book is an ode to styles like Roman, Sicilian, Detroit, and Grandma pies.

Reinhart’s expertise in baking is evident as he guides you through achieving the crispy, caramelized crust that is the hallmark of pan pizza. Reinhart not only provides recipes but also delves into the history and culture of pan pizza through beautiful photographs and detailed instructions.

“Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia” by Joe Beddia

“Pizza Camp” by Joe Beddia is exactly what it sounds like – a camp for pizza lovers. Beddia, the owner of Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia, shares his pizza-making process in this comprehensive guide. The book includes recipes for his famous pies, as well as his insights on ingredients, techniques, and what makes a great pizza.

What makes “Pizza Camp” special is Beddia’s no-nonsense approach. His instructions are clear, his opinions are strong, and his love for pizza is evident.

“The Pizza Cookbook” by Williams Sonoma

“The Pizza Cookbook” by Williams Sonoma is a treasure trove for pizza enthusiasts.

This cookbook starts with an impeccable dough recipe technique and takes an adventurous turn by exploring outdoor grilling for a new pizza style. It’s a collection of recipes that range from classic to contemporary, offering something for every pizza lover.

It doesn’t just stick to traditional recipes; it encourages you to experiment and find your own pizza identity.

“Pizza Stone Recipe Cookbook” by A.J. Luigi

A.J. Luigi’s “Pizza Stone Recipe Cookbook” is a comprehensive guide that provides recipes and focuses on using a pizza stone to achieve the perfect crust.

The book includes nine different approaches to making a healthier pizza crust and recipes for sauces. It’s ideal for those looking to experiment with different ingredients and techniques.

A.J. Luigi takes you on a journey through the world of pizza stones, explaining how they can transform your pizza-making experience. The recipes are diverse, ranging from classic Italian to modern twists.

“Artisan Pizza to Make Perfectly at Home” by Giuseppe Mascoli and Bridget Hugo

“Artisan Pizza to Make Perfectly at Home” by Giuseppe Mascoli and Bridget Hugo is authentically Italian. This book is a treasure trove of pizza recipes, including fried starters and salads to prepare with your dough. The authors, who are also the founders of the Franco Manca pizzeria chain, share their expertise in making delicious artisanal pizzas that are easy to replicate at home.

What makes this book special is the authors’ focus on artisanal techniques. They don’t just teach you to make pizza; they teach you to craft it. From selecting the best ingredients to mastering the perfect crust, this book takes you through the heart of Italian pizza making.

“Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day” by Jeff Hertzberg MD and Zoe Francois

“Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day” by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois focus on making artisan pizza and flatbread quickly without compromising on flavor. The authors provide recipes and techniques that simplify the pizza-making process.

What sets this book apart is its practicality. It understands that not everyone has hours to spend in the kitchen, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious homemade pizza. The recipes are designed to be quick and easy, making them perfect for weeknight dinners.


Diving into the pages of pizza books is akin to throwing the most vibrant and flavorful pizza party for your mind. Each page is a slice laden with rich history, tantalizing recipes, and the cultural essence that makes pizza more than just a dish.

Happy reading and happy pizza making!