A Huge List of the Best Pizza Books for Kids (They’ll Devour These Delicious Reads)

pizza books for kids

Pizza holds a special place in everyone’s heart, and there’s no better way to introduce children to the joys of reading than by combining it with this delightful dish!

To help you find the perfect read, we created a carefully curated list of the 20 best pizza-themed books to captivate young readers, whether toddlers or in elementary school.

Top Pizza Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig

In this imaginative story, Pete feels gloomy on a rainy day and can’t play outside with his friends. To cheer him up, his dad decides to make Pete into a pizza – much to Pete’s delight. The engaging illustrations and lively dialogue showcase the importance of family, creativity, and fun during difficult times.

Recommended Reading Age: 2-6 years

Pizza Kittens by Charlotte Voake

Three curious kittens – Maisie, Tom, and Frances – are determined to make the perfect pizza. While they prepare and assemble the ingredients, they cause adorable chaos and mischief. The book’s charming illustrations and humorous situations captivate young readers while subtly instilling the value of cooperation and teamwork in the kitchen.

Recommended Reading Age: 3-5 years

Dragon Loves Tacos by Adam Rubin

In this imaginative and funny tale, a young boy discovers that dragons love tacos and pizza just as much as he does. He plans a grand taco and pizza party for his new dragon friends, with unexpected results. This light-hearted, adventurous story teaches children about the joy of bonding through shared interests and deepening friendships.

Recommended Reading Age: 2-5 years

Pizza Day by Melissa Iwai

A young boy and his father spend quality time together growing their vegetables, learning patience as they wait for their crop, then using the fresh ingredients to create a memorable homemade pizza. Through warm illustrations and a heartfelt narrative, readers learn about the significance of patience, family bonds, and the joys of homemade meals.

Recommended Reading Age: 4-8 years

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges

In this contemporary take on the classic tale, the Little Red Hen decides to make a pizza but can’t find any helpers among her friends. Despite their reluctance, she persists in her pizza-making endeavors. As the process unfolds, her friends eventually lend a helping hand. This reassuring tale highlights the importance of teamwork, persistence, and compassion.

Recommended Reading Age: 2-6 years

The Pizza That We Made by Joan Holub

Three children embark on a pizza-making adventure, working together to create their masterpieces. The book’s rhyming text and lively illustrations provide a warm and engaging invitation for young readers to learn about making pizza from scratch. This delightful story underlines the value of hard work, cooperation, and the shared joy of cooking.

Recommended Reading Age: 3-5 years

Curious George and the Pizza Party by H.A. Rey

Curious George has been invited to a pizza party where he’s in charge of decorations and setting the table. Despite facing challenges and unexpected obstacles, George problem-solves his way to a successful event. Through an endearing narrative and vibrant illustrations, readers are reminded of the importance of friendship and resourcefulness when faced with challenges.

Recommended Reading Age: 3-6 years

Pizza Mouse by Michael Garland

Pizza Mouse is an enterprising city mouse who lives in a pizzeria and uses his wits to get by. With catchy, repetitive text and bold illustrations, this early reader book is perfect for introducing young children to new words while entertaining them with the daily adventures of a clever and lovable mouse.

Recommended Reading Age: 4-8 years

Pizza Pig by Diana Murray

In this colorful, rhyming tale, Pizza Pig runs a popular pizzeria that caters to the unique tastes of its animal patrons. From cheesy mouse-treat pizzas to slop pizzas with Wormy Linguini, the inclusive menu delights all the customers. As Pizza Pig scrambles to meet their desires, children learn about diversity, kindness, and the importance of catering to others’ needs.

Recommended Reading Age: 3-7 years

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks

This isn’t technically a pizza book, but it is referenced.

As monsters snack on various treats – from submarine sandwiches to pizza – they reveal that they don’t eat broccoli. In this comical tale, the monsters’ delightful quirks and preferences teach children about different eating habits and the importance of acceptance in the face of diversity.

Recommended Reading Age: 4-8 years

Hold the Anchovies! by Shelley Rotner

This engaging picture book teaches children about various pizza combinations and ingredients. The book encourages young readers to explore new flavors, expand their culinary horizons, and develop their creativity in the kitchen by showcasing an innovative assortment of pizza toppings.

Recommended Reading Age: 4-8 years

Best Pizza Books for Elementary School Kids

Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin

In this humorous story, a raccoon dreams of enjoying pizza but must devise a master plan to secure this tasty treat without being caught. As he prepares a secret pizza party with the help of an unsuspecting human, young readers are engaged in a delightful tale about friendship, partnership, and achieving one’s dream.

Recommended Reading Age: 3-8 years

The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane Auch

When Princess Paulina decides to enter a royal cooking contest to win her kingdom, she discovers her true passion for making pizza. Along the way, she catches the attention of a pizza-loving prince. This amusing and engaging story features themes of self-discovery, courage, and the pursuit of dreams while highlighting the power of passion and hard work.

Recommended Reading Age: 5-9 years

Tony and the Pizza Champions by Tony Gemignani

This autobiographical book shares the inspiring journey of Tony Gemignani, a 12-time World Champion Pizza Maker. The story follows Tony as he teaches the art of pizza-making to an international group of aspiring chefs, showing readers the power of hard work and dedication in achieving their dreams.

Recommended Reading Age: 6-9 years

Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous by Kathryn Williams

Sixteen-year-old Sophie Nicolaides enters a televised cooking competition and faces the challenges of newfound fame, finding her identity amidst the drama. This coming-of-age novel delves into themes like friendship, self-discovery, ambition, and the pressures of being in the public eye, all centered around the exciting world of competitive cooking.

Recommended Reading Age: 12-16 years

A Pizza the Size of the Sun by Jack Prelutsky

This delightful collection of humorous and inventive poems exposes children to a world of creativity, where pizzas are as big as the sun and unusual situations come to life. Each imaginative poem sparks laughter and reflection, inviting young readers to explore the realm of poetry and imaginative thinking.

Recommended Reading Age: 6-10 years

Pizza in Pienza by Susan Fillion

In this enchanting tale set in the Italian town of Pienza, a young girl named Maria searches for the perfect pizza recipe. Maria discovers her passions and dreams as she learns from her family’s traditional recipes and explores the town’s rich history. This richly illustrated book showcases a heartfelt narrative about family, tradition, and the joys of following one’s heart.

Recommended Reading Age: 7-10 years


Pizza books provide a unique and effective approach to encouraging children to develop a love for reading. By incorporating the universally loved concept of pizza, these books captivate children’s interest and make reading an enjoyable experience.