How to Celebrate National Pizza Month

national pizza month

Pizza-loving is a lifestyle that should be celebrated every day, but the powers-that-be have assigned it a month, October… so welcome to National Pizza Month. Here’s how to celebrate the cheesiest holiday of them all.

15 Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Month

1. Order some pizza swag and show off your cheesy ‘fit.

2. Dress up like a pizza for Halloween.

3. Make a spooky pizza.

4. Throw a pizza party.

5. Try new pizza toppings and pizza types.

6. Learn new pizza facts.

Pizza Pick Up Lines

7. Shoot your shot with these cheesy pick-up lines.

pizza and wine

8. Host a wine and pizza pairing dinner.

9. Stock your pantry with pizza-making essentials.

10. Review your favorite frozen pizza on TikTok.

11. Do a pizza crawl in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago.

pizza trivia

12. Play pizza trivia on game night.

13. Send pizza gift baskets to your friends.

Pizza Date Night Ideas

14. Organize a pizza-centric date night.

15. Eat at the most popular pizza chains in the U.S.