The Most Expensive Pizza in the World

most expensive pizza

The most expensive pizza in the world is the LOUIS XIII PIZZA, created by Italian master pizza chef Renato Viola. It costs roughly $12,000.

The pizza is so expensive because he uses an exclusive REMY MARTIN LOUIS XIII cognac, which sells for $3,000 a bottle, making it the pizza’s most expensive ingredient. 

Along with the pricey cognac, the pizza is topped with three types of caviar, fresh lobster, prawns, and seven types of cheeses including buffalo mozzarella.

Who Invented the Most Expensive Pizza?

Chef Renato Viola, one of Italy’s best master pizza chefs in the world, invented the LOUIS XII PIZZA for one of his clients who was celebrating an anniversary in Salerno, Italy, and wanted something extra special.

How Do You Order the Most Expensive Pizza?

Chef Renato’s LOUIS XII PIZZA is only available in Italy and in the comfort of your own home, meaning Renato himself, along with a sommelier (wine expert) and private chef, come to you to prepare it. The only thing that is made ahead of time is the dough, as it takes 72 hours to rise. The pizza is 8 inches in diameter (20 cm) for two people, and the entire service is provided using limited-edition dishes and cutlery.

What is the Most Expensive Pizza Made of?

The most expensive pizza in the world is made with artisan dough, three types of caviar, fresh lobster, prawns, and seven types of cheeses including buffalo mozzarella.

Artisan Dough.

The dough for the LOUIS XII PIZZA contains Arabian certified organic flour and natural yeast which is mixed with pink salt dust that’s hand-picked from the Murray River in Australia. It takes 72 hours to make the dough due to direct mixing and long proving. 

Organic DOP Buffalo Mozzarella.

The mozzarella di bufalo or buffalo mozzarella is a cheese made from the milk of domestic Italian buffaloes, which gives this pizza a moist, chewy and cheesy texture.

Caviar Oscietra Royal Prestige.

The Oscietra Royal Prestige is an extremely rare caviar. The eggs are large in size and the taste is very sweet with a faint nutty aroma.

Caviar Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic.

The sturgeon from which the caviar is derived lives near the Iranian coast and south of the Caspian. The fish are typically 4-feet-long (1.2 meters) and weigh 44 – 176 pounds (20 – 80 kg), although they can be as long as 6.5 feet (2 meters) and weigh as much as 440+ pounds (200 kg). The eggs are dark brown in color and have a refined taste, unique scent and vague nutty aroma.

Beluga Caviar Kaspia.

Beluga live in the Caspian Sea and are even more rare because you cannot fish more than 100 Danube sturgeon per year. It can reach a length of 13 feet (4 meters) or more and a weight of more than 2,200 pounds (1000 kg) and produce about 15% of the world’s caviar. The eggs range in color from a pearl gray to a dark gray, and the size of its beans (measuring up to 3 mm) and delicacy of the skin make it both visually and physically different from other caviars. The texture is soft, creamy and firm.

Red Acciaroli Prawns.

Red prawns from Acciaroli, an Italian hamlet in Cilento.

Palinurus Elephas Lobster.

Palinurus elephas is a spiny lobster from the Mediterranean Sea. The lobster is prepared and flamed in the REMY MARTIN LOUIS XIII cognac.

Mantis Shrimp.

Mantis shrimp from the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the Most Expensive Pizza Served With?

The most expensive pizza in the world is serviced with cognac, champagne and brandy.

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac.

Remy Martin Louis XIII is the highest-quality cognac available on the market today. 

Winston Churchill celebrated his election victory in 1951 with this cognac. Queen Elizabeth II was served Louis XIII Grande Champagne in the palace of Versailles, in honor of her visit to France in 1957. 

To produce this prestigious cognac, they only use grapes from the Grande Champagne region which are synonymous with exclusivity. It contains numerous blends of eaux- de-vie aged between 40 and 100 years of age.

1995 Champagne Krug Clod Du Mesnil.

The 1995 Champagne Krug Clod Du Mesnil is extremely elegant and well-balanced, with a golden yellow color and a bouquet enhanced by notes of Chardonnay, which is typical of Krug. It’s complex, rich and structured with tastes of citrus fruits. Excellent with desserts and well-paired with well-refined fish dishes and sauces.

Cardenal Mendoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos.

Cardenal Mendoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos is a long-aged brandy that’s presented in an exclusive bottle that’s numbered by hand. It has elegant aromas of old wood with hints of sweet raisins and plums, along with superbly round, velvety and persistent flavors.


The world’s most expensive pizza may also be the world’s most extravagant, but it’s made with real, quality ingredients without the gimmicks of gold leaf and diamond rings cushioning its price tag. Now, who wants to take us to Italy?