Choose Your Own Halloween Pizza Adventure

halloween pizza

Halloween is here and that means it’s time to get SPOOKY. Let’s get ready to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in style with some extra special tricks and treats to make your office lunch and Friday night pizza parties shine. Introducing, Halloween pizza recipes.

Halloween pizza is all of the cheesy, saucy, gooey, crusty goodness you know and love but with some creepy, crawly, scary and spooky surprises in the mix to really get in the Halloween spirit.

Whether you’re making pizza at home, throwing a pizza Halloween party for the kids or hosting a pizza dinner party with friends, we have tons of fun ideas on how to get everyone involved in homemade pizza night with a Halloween twist. The classic round pizza pie shape is reimagined into spiders, witches, ghosts, mummies, pumpkins and even Dracula!

Short on time? We have the ultimate Halloween pizza cheat-sheet with the best delivery options so you don’t have to plan a thing and can get speciality Halloween pie from your favorite pizza restaurant, pizza shop or slice joint.

Most importantly, we’ll give you some tips on how to enjoy pizza on Halloween, from pizza costumes and themed parties to giving out pizza instead of candy and putting Halloween candy on your pizza. Whatever, go nuts! It’s Halloween!

Halloween Pizza Ideas

Check out these Halloween-inspired pizza ideas that feature spooky characters, toppings and shapes, from spiders and skulls to witch fingers and eyeballs. Most of these homemade pizzas can be made vegan, gluten-free or with a cauliflower crust, all they need are a few substitutions. Plus a little something for our sweet-toothed friends, Halloween candy pizza!

Spider Pizza

Give your Halloween pizza a creepy, crawly twist by using olive slices to create a spider design on the pizza! It’s quick, easy and can be done on any pizza, from pizza delivery to mini pizzas to frozen pizza. It’s a great way to get the kids involved and makes for the perfect appetizer at a Halloween party. Bite-sized spider pizzas topped with marinara are the perfect serving size for any meal, plus there’s almost no prep time required.

spider pizza


Stuffed Pizza Skulls

If you, like us, love and cherish a Pizza Pocket, Bagel Bite and English Muffin pizza, you have to try these Stuffed Pizza Skulls. These skull-shaped, 3-D pizzas can be filled with your favorite toppings, from cheese and sliced black olives to pepperoni and sausage, and served to your kids, family, friends, house guests, or keep them for yourself! Melted cheese is still considered calcium, right?

stuffed pizza skulls


Mummy Pizza

What’s doughy and crunchy and wrapped all over? A pizza mummy, of course. Build your own adorably spooky mummy using Pillsbury dough crust to save time. The inside of the mummy can be filled with cup pizza sauce and mozzarella for the ultimate cheese pull, plus pepperoni for the meat eaters out there. Black olives serve as the eyes staring back at you as you go in for a bite. Yikes!

mummy pizza


Garlicky Ghost Pizza

Imagine a white pie loaded with garlic cream sauce, generously topped with mozzarella and loaded with buttery pieces of chicken. It’s the perfect pizza, right? Except it’s shaped as a ghost. BOOM. An even more perfect pizza. To make it extra spooky, give the ghost a little face with sliced black olive slice eyes and a cherry tomato mouth. Homemade pizza dough can elevate this dish, too!

garlicky ghost pizza


Witch Pizza Fingers

Channel your inner witch to create this pizza appetizer that looks like a witch’s finger! Store-bought pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and tomato paste make this recipe the perfect spooky concoction, plus red bell pepper for the witch’s fingernails to complete the look. Your guests will be extra creeped out by the crunch fingertip. Total time is 20 minutes until tasty.

witch pizza fingers


Build Your Own Spooky Friends

Any pizza size, big or small, can be made into a spooky Halloween friend with a few easy tricks and treats. Black olive hair, green olive eyes and a pepperoni mouth with fangs make a Vampire or you can get creative with some scissors or a cookie cutter and cut out shapes of cheese and pepperoni to create a Jack-o-Lantern! Other ideas include a mummy topped with mozzarella sticks or string cheese for a wrapped and entombed look, a spider made out of bacon or a googly-eyed monster complete with fresh mozzarella ball and olive eyeballs! All it takes is for you to arrange your veggies, meat and cheese in frightening ways to make them delight and scare. Grab your baking sheet and get cooking!

build your own spooky friends


Halloween Candy Pizza

Halloween candy lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! Indulge that sweet tooth with a fudge brownie pizza made of Halloween candy! Top this festive dessert with your favorite treats, including peanut butter cups, Reese’s pieces, M&M’s, candy corn, caramel, and more. It’s easy to bake and a sinfully good way to enjoy leftover Halloween candy.

halloween candy pizza



Halloween Pizza Deals

Enjoy the magic of a Halloween-inspired pizza without any of the work! These pizza restaurants have speciality Halloween pizzas that are fun, spooky and creepy-cute. Dine in with the family or order delivery so you can enjoy a spooky movie from home. Here’s what’s trending in the cheese-filled land of pizza.

Papa John’s Jack-o-Lantern Pizza

Papa John’s has made one thing clear this year: they take Halloween very seriously. Seriously enough to create a whimsical Jack-o-Lantern pizza that is sure to satisfy ghouls and goblins of all ages. Topped with a pepperoni pizza crust border, a smiley face made from your favorite pizza ingredients and pizza toppings, and loaded with mozzarella cheese, this is more than just your average pumpkin pie. Remember, they also offer No-Contact Delivery, giving you extra peace of mind this Halloween.

Papa John's Halloween Pizza


Chuck E. Cheese Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza

Chuck E. Cheese is bringing back its pumpkin-shaped pepperoni  and mozzarella pizza on its limited-time “monster” menu, part of its annual Halloween Boo-tacular Celebration. It will also serve desserts like the Slime Cookie, a giant, warm chocolate chip cookie cake topped with white icing, green slime and a candy monster face. Grab carryout or order delivery from your favorite delivery partner including Grubhub, DoorDash or Uber Eats. No prep time needed!

Chuck E. Cheese Slime Cookie


How to Enjoy Pizza on Halloween

Halloween is one of the busiest nights for enjoying pizza so we’re giving you some fun ideas to make sure everyone can have a piece of the pie! Pizza makes everything better, whether it’s sharing a slice with your loved ones or eating an entire cheese pie by yourself. Either way, you are winning, friend. Here are our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween and pizza, together.

Throw a Pizza Party

Halloween pizza party

Pizza is the ultimate party food and Halloween is the ultimate party day, making a Halloween party filled with pizza the best idea ever. Get your friends to dress up in costumes and make a dinner party out of the night, with spooky appetizers, creepy cocktails and of course, all the pizza. Order pizza delivery and get a dozen piping hot pies or have guests make their own at a build-your-own-pizza station, where they can decorate mini pizzas to look like goblins, vampires, witches, Jack-o-Lanterns and more.

Watch a Scary Movie (with Pizza)

Watch a Scary Movie (with Pizza)

Never fear, pizza is here. No Halloween is complete without at least one scary movie, so lean into the festivities with a side of ‘za. Whether you’re into horror films, slasher flicks, zombie movies or psychological thrillers, let your blood run deep with pizza sauce while you catch the latest frights and delights. Make your own gore-inspired pizza or cheesy pizza dip to complete the spectacle.

Hand Out Pizza Instead of Candy

Sure, Halloween candy is good, but pizza is GREAT. Hand out pizza slices to your fellow neighbors, both kids and adults alike, and spread the cheesy word. Parents will be thrilled that you’re giving the family a boost after houses and houses of trick or treating, and you can re-energize the trick-or-treaters so they can get more candy!

Dress Up Like a Pizza

Dress Up Like a Pizza

We love people who fully commit, so hear this: Commit. To. The. Theme. For full Halloween spirit points, we want to see you in a pizza costume, covered in pizza and eating pizza, all at the same time. Better yet, if you can get your friend to come hang out with you in full pizza form while they wear this Hidden Valley Ranch costume, send us a photo and we’ll send you pizza. On us.


What Are You Waiting For?

Who doesn’t love a themed pizza? Get cooking, eating and living your best spooky Halloween pizza life with these Halloween pizza recipes!