The Best Pizza Restaurants in New York City, According to a Local

New York City, baby. The concrete jungle. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos, mesmerized by the sounds and people and places and faces that comb these city streets. 

What NYC is not lacking is pizza restaurants, which makes sorting through Google or Yelp Reviews to find the perfect spot a total pain.

Lucky for you, you have a local on your side who is eager to give you the hot, cheesy tips on NYC’s best pizza places. Whether you’re looking for somewhere with a vibe or a casual counter-style slice joint, I’ve got you covered. Here are the best pizza restaurants in New York City.

New York City’s Best Pizza


Little Italy

Rubirosa’s pies are what thin-crust pizza dreams are made of. You may have to wait, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. The order here is their creamy vodka pie, also known as the tie-dye pizza. Check out their Instagram for more shots of this pizza that featured a delightful swirl of insanely good pesto atop the fresh mozzarella. They have lots of other Italian offerings, too, if that’s your thing. This is the kind of place you go to impress your friends. 

Joe’s Pizza.

Multiple locations

Joe’s Pizza is a quintessential neighborhood slice shop, and the only one you need to entertain if you’re looking for a classic New York experience. Order at the counter and enjoy your street-slice on a paper plate on the sidewalk along with dozens of other pizza enthusiasts. The toppings here are as pure as they come – cheese, pepperoni, veggie and supreme – so that’s what you’re getting. Douse it with some red pepper flakes and call it amore.

Paulie Gee’s.


I really wrestled with putting this on the list out of fear of not getting a table, but it would be wrong of me to keep this secret to myself. Paulie Gee’s creatively-topped, wood-fired pies just might be the best in the city. Scratch that. They ARE the best in the city. This pizza restaurant is dine-in only, so be ready to wait at the bar next door, but one you’re seated you are in for a real treat. The menu features regular and vegan pies topped with fresh ingredients that span from ricotta dollops and crispy kale to sweet Italian fennel sausage and Berkshire sopressata piccante. Pro tip, order a side of cold salted butter for those crusts.

Prince Street Pizza.


For pepperoni lovers or even pepperoni likers, Prince Street Pizza is the place to be. These square-cut slices feature dollops of crunchy pepperoni cups that crisp up in the oven and ooze all over the pizza, making it even more decadent than it needs to be. It’s perfect. If meat isn’t your thing, you’ll be all about the creamy vodka fra diavolo slice that is all things spicy and saucy.

Zero Otto Nove.


If you’re searching for good Italian food, like, REALLY good Italian food, then you’ve heard of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. And if you haven’t, welcome. This little strip of paradise is home to dozens of red-sauce joints and bakeries to get your cannoli fix, but we’re here for the pizza. Zero Otto Nove serves Neapolitan-style pizza from a wood-fired oven with a bubbly crust that’s bursting with flavor. A classic margherita will do the trick, but adventurers should experiment with other flavors like gorgonzola, cherry tomato and porcini.


Our vote is that you make a pizza crawl out of this, who’s in?